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The Digital Home of the Mass-Murdering Serial Killer

Serial Killers
A who's who of the serial killer scene. Look for your favorite killer and check his or her standing on the Serial Killer Hit List.
Mass Murderers
Rate your favorite rampager against the best of the trade. A Greatest Hits List of mass destruction.
Killer Cults
The homepage for those searching for a savior. The Doomsday Cults come in many flavors, all hell-bent on destruction.
Count down to Armageddon with these gun-toting, room-clearing maniacs, shooting for zero population growth.
Imagemap of Death
Explore our candid Group Portrait of Evil. Look for your favorite psycho and find out why he or she really turns you on.
Death Net
Pop open a sixpack and ponder, are they deranged sociopaths with twisted oedipal issues? Or just another bunch of unhappy postal workers?