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Hi, my name is Meg, I'm 17 and live outside of Portland, Oregon... I'd just like to thank you for this page, because more than just giving information about our century's most heinous criminals, you really are pissing off a lot of people by publishing this shit on the web, and for that, I admire you. That may sound really trite coming from a teenager, but hey, I'm hiding behind he annonymity of email and can pretty much say whatever the hell I want. Isn't that what you're doing anyways? Keep up the good work.

I came across your web site durring a search.

Seven years ago, here in Austin, Tx, two of my very close friends were brutally killed and one friend survived, by a man named Johnathan Wayne Nobles. He will be put to death by injection Wed. Oct. 7th!!!!! Ever since that day, I can not help but to notice, hardly a week goes by were I see a suspect of a violent crime or murders or both in local papers, with the middle name Wayne. There are several famous serial killers that meet this criteria. Elmer Wayne Henly was working with Dean Coral(sp) in Houston back when I lived there in the 70's. You got John Wayne Gacy... Then the Atlanta Child killer Years ago I thought about cutting out news articles like this. I would have over 100 by now I'm sure.

In your studies, Have you ever noticed this? Is there any way one can do a data base search on convicted criminal middle names?

Greeting from Kansas City. You site is most interesting and complete. Kansas City has had its share of killers. The I-35 and I-70 killer struck here (as you mentioned). Bob Berdella and the story of his house of gay torture unravelled here in 1988. (He was caught and died in prison).

In the last few years a number of crack whores who worked a street known for prostitution, Independence Ave., have disapeared and ended up in pieces in the missouri river. Its been going on for years and nobody has been caught. After several bodies turned up in a short time downstream from K.C., police were in a frenzy. Then, the killing stopped and the media coverage subsided. Now we're in a lull. I fear the killer is either in jail, or has travelled abroad plying his deadly trade in another large metro area. The twin cities killings has a similar m.o.

That's one thing I like about your web site. Never before could someone outside of major law enforcement see the mosaic of american murder from city to city. Perhaps with your continued work, someone will see a pattern between cities and perhaps it will aid in an investigation somewhere.

supposedly there were some 12-20 homicides by poison in Miami (*a very slow acting poison - 4 months) ... known as "the hepatitis murders" ... there WAS a $1 million reward. I lived in Miami at the time and have identified the perps ... need to prove the crimes ... most challenging ... do you know where I can find ANY info on these crimes ... Metro-Dade Miami detective says, "noone here remembers the crimes" ... any place on the internet or access to any archives, on-line or hard-copy. Thanks ... J.Waters ... wierd web-site w/all the sound effects ... I'm looking for some real research ...

I have been amusing myself at your page for the last day or so... and I noticed something. You don't have a bio on Wayne Nance. I searched and searched, but to no end. You see he was a serial killer here in my hometown: Missoula, Montana. There is a book out about him... called "A Time to Kill", I don't remember off hand who wrote it. If I am mistaken, and Nance is on your page... please email me explaining where. And even if all that comes to no avail... have you heard of any other serial killers in Montana?... Missoula specifically if possible... and there is no need to tell me about Ted. Please respond... from one person with serial killers on the mind to another..

I have been visiting the Internet Crime Archives for a couple of months now and I just wanted to let you know that I think it is a remarkable site.

Not only is it the most informative site concerning obsessive crimes - much better than most books one can find - but it also tries to balance all the (very real) horror with just a touch of (well-placed) humor. But, perhaps most importantly, it serves as a reality-check-reminder to everyone that the crimes of serial murder and mass murder and such are real and serious problems for society today.

Being trained as a classical musician much of my working time is spent in trying to emulate the ideals of beauty so that as a performer I can provide listeners with a good, spiritual experience. One of the problems with such work - and a lot of other jobs for that matter - is that because we spend so much time hearing and trying to provide beauty we tend to forget that there is a darker side to humanity that is part of us all and that should not be forgotten because it balances - and ultimately enhances -the beauty that we try to provide. Even so, just reading the well-crafted and unbelievably extensive bios on serial killers is enough to make one want to pack up your things and go hide somewhere where no one can get at you.! Congratulations to you and all those that helped put together such a fine web site. You should be very proud.

I'm looking for more info on Mark Essex the ex Navy guy who killed seven people from the howard johnson's rooftop; also I as wondering why you did not include Jerome Brudos in your archives; surely he deserves a spot in there. I believe he is still alive somewhere in oregon. He's doing life for several murders. Thanks

Was looking up webpages on serial killers and came upon yours. Really like the artwork, different from what is out there. If you can email me and let me know if any of your other stuff is on display.

My name is Jill. I have been searching for hours for information of Oscar Raye Bolin. Your site is the only place I have found anything on him. You have an awesome site!! I really love the sound bites too!!

Do you have any additional info on Bolin or can you tell me where to look. I've done a lot of research on serial killers in the past...particularly John Gacy. I was even able to interview him at Menard's death row a few times. This was for a research project in college.

This new search is personal. I am interested in Bolin because my friend was one of his victims. Stephanie Collins. I would really appreciate it if you could steer me in the right direction.

lthough your site has been quite useful for my research, I find that they way you site has been designed sensationalizes serial and mass murdering.

Andre Hjelmeland from Evje , Norway has killed 13 people in the last 3 years. He cut of his victims arms by using a chain-saw.

He always trough their left arm in a river or a lake , but burried their right arm at a surtain place.

Those who found one of the arms , became his next victim........

Andre is mentaly ill, and he is very dangerous......

And he is still out there.......

The following message was posted by West Memphis Three advocate, Burk Sauls, on the www.wm3.org site today:

"A small white cardboard box was brought out and the court ordered dental impressions of Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin were unwrapped and placed before the judge. A one-to-one scale photograph of the victim's wound was used along with transparency tracings of the dental patterns of the three men, and in a long anticipated moment it was finally revealed that the dental impressions do not match the wound.

Let me repeat that one more time for the record. Today in a Jonesboro courtroom, a Board certified forensic odontologist confirmed that the bite mark found on Stevie Branch does not match dental impressions taken from Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley or Jason Baldwin."

So none of the West Memphis Three made the bite marks on Steve Branch. Makes you wonder who the hell did. Also makes you wonder how much longer the state of Arkansas will continue this travesty by imprisoning these three young men, one of whom is on death row, for a crime that it is clear they did not commit.

Many in the criminal justice system will say that the bite evidence only excludes the WM3 from making the bite marks, that it doesn't exclude them as the killers. But this much is clear:

None of the three boys made the bite marks.

Jessie mentioned no one other than himself, Jason Baldwin and Damien Echols in his coerced confession. I'll bet the cops are kicking themselves for not including a shadowy unknown figure in the testimony they fed Jessie so they could have a fallback plan for this situation.

John Mark Byer has now given his third story to date of how he lost his teeth ( a bar fight, an accident before the killings, and a medication given for his supposed brain tumor that caused periodontal disease) and still walks the street. How very convenient that he will never be able to give dental impressions even if the cops in Arkansas finally wise up and question him in the murders of the three little boys.

By the way--do you guys know that his wife, murder victim Chris Byer's mom, died under mysterious circumstances, too? Luckily for John, her corpse didn't have any bite marks.

Contact the site www.wm3,org to get information about how you can contact the Arkansas governor and help urge him to start seeking justice in this case.

I live and work near where this whole Kendall Francois thing went on. This guy, and his family have really got to be completely sick people. The police couldn't even begin their search of the home until they cleaned house. The house was filthy. Granted this is mostly hearsay, but how else could you explain that this guy and his family lived in this house with 8 rotting corpses, and not notice it? People that were standing across the street when they brought the second body out were retching from the smell...and the body was zipped up in a bodybag!! There's some story about a kiddy pool...I have so far heard six different stories, but the latest one, from an actual reliable source, says that he was keeping two of the bodies in a kiddy pool in his attic. These bodies covered with maggots. Supposedly, the maggots were like taking over the filthy house, and filled the walls to the point where the walls appeared to be moving. This story deserves more coverage than it has been getting. I just don't understand how no one knew anything while living in this house. It just doesn't make sense. Well, if you've heard anything more, keep me posted.

I have written to this site in the past, and not only have I found great information, but you guys also hooked me up with information on the killers Mary Bell and Bill Suff. I really respect the work that has gone into the site.

However, I wanted to let you know that the information you have on the West Memphis Three, Damien Echols, Jesse Misskelley, and Jason Baldwin is filled with more speculation than fact and more nonsense than evidence. The truth of the matter is that three young men were railroaded because of their appearance and their unusual beliefs. Since when is listening to Metallica and dabbling in Wicca proof that a person is a killer? The "proof" that the boys attended esbats and ritually sacrificed animals was given by subliterate town folks who wanted to claim reward money.

And speaking of subliterate, Jesse Misskelley was convicted on the basis of a coerced confession. Miskelley has an IQ of 70 and was grilled until he "confessed." The only problem the prosecutors and the judge in West Memphis have with this confession is how they are going to manipulate it to include a fourth killer. You see, Jesse didn't mention anyone else other than himself and Damien and Jason. A recent examination of the face of victim Steve Branch revealed that a previously unexamined wound on his face was in fact a bite mark. Dental impressions have been taken from the three men and will be examined by a forensic odontologist. How will the coerced confession stand up when it is revealed that none of the men imprisoned for the crime bit the boy? I'm sure this damning piece of evidence will be brushed aside, like the fact that Jesse confessed that they boys were raped by Damien when if fact none of the boys were sexually assaulted. One of the the boys had been emasculated, and to the backwoods cops who fed the information to Misskelley so that he could have "facts that no one would know but the killer," they confused the severing of the penis with rape.

An FBI profile of this crime revealed that it was the work of a Custodial Killer, like a parent or step-parent, and John Mark Byer has been a suspect in the eyes of rational people for a long time. He also mysteriously lost his teeth when it was revealed that there were dental prints on one of the victims. This also fits a profile of what killers do when confronted with dental related evidence. It will surprise no one that he gave several stories about how he lost his teeth, just like he gave several conflicting alibis on the night of the murders. Add to this that he has been in and out of trouble with the law since the killings, and that his wife died under mysterious circumstances, a record of lawless and brutal behavior is clearly established.

You guys print so much from Sondra London, an advocate of admitted and confessed killers. Even the score by printing e-mails on the behalf of the truly innocent.

Free the WM3 and bring justice to those little boys. I encourage you guys to print updates in your news section about the upcoming hearings on Occtober 26-30 when the dental impressions will be analyzed. This hearing is for Damien Echols, but the plight of the three can begin to end with this hearing.

Keep up the good work, and don't feel too bad about the misinformation you produced. The misleading and inaccurate book, "Blood of the Innocents," is the only source available on this crime. Please watch the upcoming sequel to Paradise Lost and get a better picture of the injustice dealt these three men.

If you don't believe innocent people can be convicted and sent to prison or death row, I have only these names in response: Rolando Cruz, Lenell Geter, Randall Dale Adams, and Walter D. McMillan.

First of all, thanx for your great effort in building up a disgusting-interesting website. Then, my question: I was wondering if you have ever received any email from someone who claims to be one of the SK listed in your site. What I mean is... it seems to me that lots of SK are happy to let the rest of the world know what they did, so why didn't one of them inform you of their "actions"? Ok, ok, it's a stupid question :) if any of them did it, you probably had the letter posted somewhere, isn't it? :) Anyway, keep up the good work!

P.S. I'm Italian and, it probably sounds ridiculous, I knew about Pacciani's death from your website... how informed I am! :)

The audio track accompanying "on the run" is so irksome I can't read the text.

well, if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen... or turn the sound down.

You might want to be made aware of The Coven Organization,

They have approximately 1,000 members and growing daily.. They are a "Vampire Cult" and their server stats show that over 150,000 people have visisted their pages since it went up last December.

They have been billed as "The most dangerous website in the world", and maniacal, egotistical, tyrants and control freaks.

Maybe you can look through the site and give your opinion.

I think in your crime section one of the biggest mass-murderers is should be Hitler. I tried finding him but I couldn't even with the search engine because it had a javascript error. Just telling you. I also think www.mayhem.net is one of the best web sites I have ever been to, seriously.

Sorry, the search engine seems to work only for some browsers.

Just wondering if you know anything about the serial killers, Carl Robert Taylor and Sherman Ramon McCrary. These two men with their wives

and children traveled throughout several states in the early 1970's abducting, raping, and killing several women from donut shops. It was difficult to catch these men because they traveled with their families. A book was written by Orvel Trainer, "Death Roads: Story of the Donut Shop Murders" in the late 70's." They admitted at least to 8 killings but the police expected the number should have been close to 20. Both these men are serving time. I believe Carl is in Colorado right now and

he should be about 60 yrs. old. A movie was also made about their story

but I cannot find out the name of it. In fact, after 'surfing' some of the serial killer websites, it is strange to me that there is absolutely

no mention of these heinous crimes anywhere. I've made many queries but

to no avail except for the book which I was able to find and read thru a

library. I'm trying to find the book to buy. The reason for the interest on my part is that Carl Robert Taylor was a member of my spouses' family. They knew him as "Danny Jack". He was mean and cruel as a child and his early history is as black as his adult life.

I hope I haven't bored you with this. I was just wondering if you knew about these serial killers.

Carl R. Taylor was born 4/7/38, and McCrary, 3/12/27. By the way, Carl was the son-in-law of McCrary. Their wives (according to the men) did not witness these murders. The movie, put out years ago, depicted the women as sitting in the car reading their bibles while their husbands raped and murdered these innocent people. I don't know if this was true or not. Perhaps you could direct me to a source that could help me find out about them. Also, either TIME or LIFE magazines had an article (& pictures) about this in the early 70's. I haven't been able to search this out because the libraries close to me to do offer this. My brother-in-law was in the navy and came home on leave one time and while looking in the magazine was totally surprised to see his cousin's picture.

Subject:re: the sicko archives

I can now understand what it is that they talk about on the news -- how the internet can be a threat to many youngsters. A devout supporter of free speech I am now hesitant to espouse its righfulness as devoutly as before. These people sending the E-mail I read on this website are truly frightening. Were I a parent, I don't know if I would allow any child of mine free reign on the internet. I would most likely demand personal supervision. I repeat, this is the most frightening thing I have ever read. Stephen King is nothing compared to these people. I, for one, will never visit this site ever again. I don't know if I will be able to sleep tonight. Someone, please tell me that this is all done in jest and that it is not really true, what these people write about!

Some believer in free speech you turned out to be! Thank you for not returning to the Archives.

On your web page - http://www.mayhem.net/Crime/cults1.html - I noticed that you included "The West Memphis Three" as one of your "killer cults". I won't go into detail as to why I believe that they don't deserve to be on this web page(since I'm sure that others have done so) but I will respectfully request that you but a link to a web site that offers a different side to that story. - http://www.wm3.org

Chicago At Night announces an exclusive deal with Dorothea Puente, California's most notorious landlady! As Dorothea prepares to appeal her questionable murder conviction, the Chicago At Night website will feature regular updates, including her trial diary covering the upcoming appeal proceedings, plus a variety of Dorothea's poetry, art and recipes. Her recipes will also appear in the print version of Chicago At Night, a monthly entertainment paper.

In each issue, Dorothea will surprise you with American and Mexican specialties, helpful cooking hints and insightful commentary, straight from the "big house"! Some of her recipes have been passed down through the Puente family for generations, and are over a hundred years old. They come to us from the 70 year old former boarding house owner, now serving a life sentence for three of the nine murders she was charged with.

Due to continued doubts in the verdict, charges of juror misconduct and flubbed toxicology reports, Dorothea may well begin to win back her long lost freedom in weeks to follow.


Appeal proceedings begin on September 23, 1998 to overturn three 1993 murder convictions against the now 70 year old landlady.

This trial made history by taking 24 days of jury deliberation, the longest in California history.

Dorothea Puente will appear on the website www.chicagoatnight.com with regular trial updates, recipes, poetry and more.

Her recipes will appear regularly in Chicago At Night, the midwest's leader for fun and entertainment. Available monthly at hundreds of locations.

A full cook book of Dorothea's recipes, cooking tips and journals, will be available on Thanksgiving Day! Preorders will be taken at www.chicagoatnight.com and the book will be available through the web page and at select retailers.

For photos, interviews, a mock copy of 'International Cooking with Dorothea Puente' or copies of Chicago At Night, contact (773) 523-4920.

Man, you've got an awesome site! I was wondering if you had or could obtain any information on the "Four Pi Movement". That Satanic Cult that Baker, Manson, and Berkowtiz all belonged to. I am writing an article about the cult and can't seem to dig up any information about them. Well, if you can help out please drop me a line. Thanks, and have a nice day.

As a student society sciences in Amsterdam I am investigating the possibilities of finding serial rapists and sexual murderers in The Netherlands. (DNA-investigation and behavioral detective expertise)

Beside the talks with 38 psychologists, forensic scientists, victims, policemen, behavioral analysts I also spoke with several convicted rapists in Dutch prisons. I also want to make contact with some serial murderers in the United States. I was thinking at William Lesters Suff, Richard Ramirez, Ed Kemper and Paul Bernardo. I want to ask if you could please help me with the addresses of the prisons where the persons above stay at this moment.

Great website. Very thorough! I'm looking for something that maybe you can help me find. I lived outside of Nashville for awhile and got interested in the Paul Dennis Reid case (even more since I worked a few doors down from the ice cream store he knocked off). Anyway, the news one night played some of his country music demo tape. It was wonderfully HORRIBLE! I would love to find this for my own morbid curiosity. Any ideas?

i am 25 years old and have read several books on serial killers just for the information because it is so interesting. I live in the Galveston, Texas and have recently been informed of 3 women found in the Texas City area. All were decapitated and found in a local pasture. We have had several women and young girls that have been missing lately in the area. Do you have any info on this or can you give me your opinion of what you think of this situation. Are they connected do you think?

i do not dispute the fact that Damien changed his name from Michael to Damien. That is a well known fact. i do, however, dispute the fact that he "flicked his tongue and licked his lips for the cameras in a truly satanic fashion." I'll admit that while Damien did seem to come across as a smart-assed teenager at some points during the trial, but he did not come across as this horrible Satanic Monster you are trying to make him into. You have to keep in mind that Damien was 18, very strong willed, intelligent, and independent. He was being accused of this horrible, heinous crime. i think he had ever reason to act a little smart-assed. It may also interest you to know that Damien has matured a great deal since his first trial, and has received many compliments on his behavior "turnaround" by the media and even the judge presiding over the case.

The "trucker" and "Mr. Bojangles" were two different people. The "trucker" was never investigated. The "Mr. Bojangles" (dubbed this name due to the fact that he was seen in Bojangles restaurant -- the reference was not made "mockingly") was also left basically uninvestigated. On the night of the murders, a disoriented black man, covered in blood, was seen entering the women's bathroom. He stayed there for hours and left only when he was run off by the store manager. The store manager called the police to report the incident, but they took hours to respond. And when they finally did respond, one officer went to the restaurant, drove through the drive through window, and asked if there was a problem. The manager told her (officer Regina Meek) what had happened, and that the man had left. Officer Meek did not fill out any type of incident report. She never got out of her vehicle to investigate. (even though the restaurant was less than 1.5 miles from where the search for the lost boys was being conducted) The next day, another officer returned to the Bojangles restaurant. The bathroom where the man had been had already been cleaned up. However, there was still a bit of blood on the wall, which the officer collected and planned to send off to the crime lab for analysis. The blood samples were "lost" before they were sent off to the lab.

My name is Kerri Lynn Patavino. I was convicted of sexual assault in the 2nd,risk of injury to a minor, burglary and larceny, in 1995. I am the mother of three children, I profess my innocence, and I am out on bail awaiting my appeal. I was sentenced to 12 years, suspended after 6, with 5 years parole. My "victim" molested my then-9 yr. old daughter, I confronted him, he became scared, he made up allegations, and I got convicted because I am Wiccan, and different. The police did nothing to him for molesting my daughter. That's it, in a nutshell.

It was big news all over America- I have paper articles from all states and countries. I finally saw Paradise lost. Damien Echol's conviction was based on about the same amount of non-or religious prejudice that I suffered. Our cases are amazingly similar.I am backed by Wiccans all over the state . You may visit websites I will list for complete details of my case.

I am very upset about Damien and the state of this prejudiced justice system. I wish very much to correspond with him, as I truly can relate. I would like to know if his personal prison address could be attained for my own discreet correspondence w/him. I have no computer, I am at my sister's. Please do not broadcast my address as it is dangerous, I have children to think of.

Please, if possible, give him my address or send me his if you have it. Website for my saga is at: AvalonCWPN@AOL.Com

I don't know if this is the place to begin inquiries about a passel of Mexican mass-murderers known as the Pokiyanchi, who operated a brothel in (or near) Guanajuanto, Mexico. In the late 1950s or 1960s, it was discovered that they had killed possibly several hundred young women whom they were using as prostitutes, slaying one, as I recall, if she became troublesome or grew too old.

They were not executed (Mexican law does not have the death penalty) but imprisoned in the Guanajuato penal, where I actually talked with one, tho my Spanish was not of the best. A better Spanish-speaker with good English told me the man denied he had done anything -- it was all done by the women.

I would like to track down more information about this case, as these were the only mass murderers I am aware of actually meeting -- perfectly ordinary-seeming folks. Can you at least point me in the right direction for finding more about the matter?

why don't you put in as a cult Hitler's nazi Germany? Was that not a cult? Brainwashing, control, death - those are cult staples, no?

what about christianity? can we measure how many people have died as a result of this mind control? from ages ago to recent abortion clinic murders, i could go on but i think you get my point.

I like your site. It is well done and very informative.The only thing that bothered me was how that women thinks that the West Memphis Three are innocent. I feel that yes he may have an IQ of 72, However is still guilty. They killed kid's. they should die. I have spent many years reading the as she calls them the "Wrong Books" and black is my favorite color and I know much about the Occult and Satanism but I have no desire to kill. Keep up the good work Also about Robin Gecht do you think that he was in on the killings with Gacy, When Gacy was first arrested he said he was in a Satanic Cult and that he was only the (I THINK IT WAS) grave keeper or something like that.

Was stopping by your web page today (very good mind you!) and I was a little horrified to see you showing David Koresh in your scrolling banner for the "killer cults". David was no choir boy, but he never killed anyone except a few ATF agents that had it coming (they could have taken Koresh peacefully into custody any day of the week).

David Koresh and everyone else at Waco was murdered by the federal government, not David Koresh. You banner might more appropriately show AG Janet Reno and the Klintons than David Koresh.

In the text of the whole Waco siege you state pretty fairly what it was all about though - but I must take issue with your closing statement:

"This all sounds a little to connected for me."

No, that sounds just a little like how organized crime works when it runs the country. The Klinton administration is nothing more than organized crime with a flag on the wall.

Take care and keep up the good work!

ps - If you want more of a perspective on what really happened at Waco - see "Waco: The Rules Of Engagement" http://www.waco93.com/ . It will make you sick to your stomach to see what really went on in TX.

man!that is one kick ass site you got yourself.I am a huge fan of Marilyn Manson, and my favorite serial killer/canibal to read about is Jeffrey Dohmer.I just love the man.Too bad he is dead.I 'm gonna build a shrine to him in my bed room.I'm working on it already.I've got pictures, and info so far.not much, but I have quite a bit.I am right now working on a shrine to Madonna Wayne Gacy from the Manson band.A.K.A.-Pogo. I am building a photo album on the Manson band, and I should be finished soon, but I'll always be adding shit.If you have any pictures of Jeffrey Dohmer that isn't on your site, please e-mail them to me.Maybe I can hook you up with something on the net, if you send me some photos.I would greatly appreciate it.Thanx!

Re: The West Memphis Three

You might want to check out http://wm3.org/index.html before you keep spreading outright lies and misinformation about three people who were convicted without any actual physical evidence. It's a pretty sad case, overall, and you might want to check out the facts. I appreciate the somewhat tongue-in-cheek attitude of your page, but you are doing harm by supporting the rumors and assumptions that surrounded this case from the beginning and caused this travesty of justice to occur. Thanks.

Hello, Just wanted to let you know about a serial killer who has killed at least 10 and dumped them in the Missouri River. I learned about by way America's Most Wanted. Click on Missouri, from the locater.

I am very impressed with the research and background checks you have done to create your website. I personally enjoy reading about the criminal psyche and attempting to understand what really goes on in their minds.

In my days, I have met a lot of murderers, no one famous mind you, who ended their crimes after anywhere from one to ten deaths. And to think, none of them recieved any sort of publicity. The crimes were located within the range of San Francisco through Santa Cruz and Yuba City. If I can get any information on them I will be sure to send it to you.

So what exactly is your fascination with the killers anyway? Is it the fact that they can get away with murder, when the normal citizen would never have the guts to even attempt it? Is it their styles, each one customized to fit their title? Is it simply the fact that you can't comprehend what goes on in their vile, twisted, but bursting with intelligent minds? I would appreciate a response sometime soon. I wish to exchange information and details on any crimes you would like to discuss.


Ok, this is his story. He was a computer technician located in New York around the Bronx area. He was your typical example of a "Working Class Serial Killer". Beginning in 1979, he unleashed a series of prostitute murders, in which a book was written about with the same title. In the most gruesome part of his serial killing spree, the police and fire department were called to a run-down motel where a fire had broken out. By the time the fire was extinguished, a hall with 3 rooms was destroyed. But when the police checked in one of the rooms, they found pieces of two female bodies lying in a corner.

Not long after this, A woman ran screaming out of a room in another hotel, and the attendents called 911. As the police came up the stairs to check on the room in which the girl had escaped from, a man was walking out of the same room. He gave up no resistance. It was Richard Cottingham. The woman said he had held her captive for hours while he sexually tortured her. At his trial, he made himself out to be the smartest man in the world, but was sentenced to Life in prison anyway. His case was quite interesting and it should definitely be listed here in the Archives. I recommend to the people who work on this site to check out these books and get more infor on him:

The Killers Among Us, Book 1
The Prostitute Murders
Encyclopedia Of Serial Killers

I am very interested in cults/ wicca/ spirituality type things. scientology etc.. in other words i want to learn more about them and what makes these people tic. but i want to find some sites that would really be of help to me, not these ones you just find in yahoo. i mean more underground ones, is there anyway you could help me?

Several years ago (20?), there was a series of particularly brutal killings along a short stretch of Illinois highway. The "I80" killer was eventually caught, and I'm trying to get some basic info (name? date?) Any help would be appreciated.

This is Doreen Ramirez. After viewing several websites pertaining to my husband, Richard--including yours--I feel compelled to inform you that I am appalled to read the inaccuracies and, in some cases, outright lies, about my husband and myself. People who do not even know either of us are spewing outrageous opinions which they are passing off as facts, when it is patently clear they know nearly nothing about Richard's case. I appeal to all intelligent persons not to believe everything which is being presented about Richard in the media. The facts of his case ultimately will confirm that Richard is a wrongly-convicted man, and I believe fervently that his innocence will be proven to the world. Thank you.

With all sincerity, your site is the best web site I have ever seen bar none. Fabulous content and design. I am highly impressed. My name is Rotten Mather and I'm a dominatrix from around Philadelphia way. I am planning on putting up a website and will drop my current designer if you are interested in working with my company. Please let me know if you are interested. If not, keep up the good work!

I was hoping you could help me. I am looking for information on the Shannon Street killings in Memphis in the late 70's or early 80's. Two cops were mutulated and killed. The night ended with everyone in the house dead. Can you help me find this information.

I looked through your pages, and could not find anything on Ms Mallory Knox..Is there something in your pages I have missed?..Please let me know if you have ANYTHING on her..

I have found nothing on her on the internet..Well, I found plently on Juliet Lewis, but I want the real thing..

So if you know of any sites about her, or the smallest pieces of information, I would LOVE and LIVE to know the addresses..

I would also so love a mugshot, any photo's for that matter..

Hi, my name is Tiffany Cohen and I need some help on finding some additional information on Westley. Back in 1992, I was watching the "Montell Williams" show and saw him on there and became fascinated with his mind. "How could he do these things? What a sick bastard!" So, I got the name of the prison he was in and wrote him a letter. I didn't expect him to write back but he did and we wrote back and forth up until he was hung. I remember watching it on t.v. I had moved from Los Angeles to Florida by then and my friends thought I was crazy to be in contact with someone like him but I was really interested in knowing why he did what he did and if had psychological problems and so forth.

He told me a little bit about his home life, how he felt inferior to his brother, how his father treated him like shit and so on. But I don't know much else. I have visited your website many, many times as I'm now doing research on serial killers and the FBI's profiling analysis and you don't have much info. on Westley. If you have anything else, please let me know as it would be much appreciated. By the way, if you're interested, you should check out any one of John Douglas' books: Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit, Journey Into Darkness or Obsession. This guy is absolutely amazing. He pretty much brought the use of profiling serial killers to where it is today.

my son made me copies of your serial killers and killer cults info last year. now that i have web tv i thought i would drop you a line. i enjoyed reading the info but i was disappointed with the lack of info regarding the disposition of the cases. were they fried, hung; given lethal injections or were they still on death row? in most cases, it didn,t say. i just found your site and noticed that there has been little progress in that area.i.

I was reading your crime archives and was wondering why ''The Indian Thug'' Behram was not mentioned. according to the Guiness Book of World Records he strangled at least 931 victims between 1790 and 1840. also there was no mention Teofilo (Sparks) Rojas who was a Colombian Drug lord in the 1940's.

I love your website. I am currently doing research on female serial killers and your site has been very useful. Anyway, around '91-'92 in the Sacramento area someone was killing one person every tuesday, usually a convience store clerk I think but I'm not sure. I was wondering if you remember this case and if anyone was ever caught.

Just wondering if you know anything about the serial killers, Carl Robert Taylor and Sherman Ramon McCrary. These two men with their wives and children traveled throughout several states in the early 1970's abducting, raping, and killing several women from donut shops. It was difficult to catch these men because they traveled with their families. A book was written by Orvel Trainer, "Death Roads: Story of the Donut Shop Murders" in the late 70's." They admitted at least to 8 killings but the police expected the number should have been close to 20. Both these men are serving time. I believe Carl is in Colorado right now and he should be about 60 yrs. old. A movie was also made about their story but I cannot find out the name of it.

In fact, after 'surfing' some of the serial killer websites, it is strange to me that there is absolutely no mention of these heinous crimes anywhere. I've made many queries but to no avail except for the book which I was able to find and read thru a library. I'm trying to find the book to buy. The reason for the interest on my part is that Carl Robert Taylor was a member of my spouses' family. They knew him as "Danny Jack". He was mean and cruel as a child and his early history is as black as his adult life.

Carl R. Taylor was born 4/7/38, and McCrary, 3/12/27. By the way, Carl was the son-in-law of McCrary. Their wives (according to the men) did not witness these murders. The movie, put out years ago, depicted the women as sitting in the car reading their bibles while their husbands raped and murdered these innocent people. I don't know if this was true or not. Perhaps you could direct me to a source that could help me find out about them. Also, either TIME or LIFE magazines had an article (& pictures) about this in the early 70's. I haven't been able to search this out because the libraries close to me to do offer this. My brother-in-law was in the navy and came home on leave one time and while looking in the magazine was totally surprised to see his cousin's picture.

I found your site on the internet while looking for information on the above subject which I know as Sharif Sharif. I was engaged to this man before he was sent out of the United States and got in trouble in Mexico. I have had no contact with him for a verylong time. When I knew him I had no idea he had ever been in prison anywhere. He suddenly broke off our engagement after a meeting he had in Houston, Texas, which I later found out had to do with his deportation and a law suit against him and the company he worked for. I now know that he served 6 years in Gainesville Florida but was also convicted of a crime before that. I would like to know the whole story about him. What all he has done in the past, everything. I never suspected anything with him. He was always very good to me and my family. Since his arrest in Mexico I have been finding out more and more things I didn't know. Can you give me more information or his crimes or tell me where I can get this type of information. I would really appreciate it.

Thank you for your most informative site. Have you looked (recently) at the body count in Kern County-(Bakersfield, CA) it's getting alarming. I have been shot at ( once in a random freeway shooting in L.A.-and also survived a rapist in my house in Monterey Co. CA. and there's more!-

there was a crazy killer maybe you know of him -who killed some people in Santa Cruz CA then killed a priest in Los Gatos CA in the 70's -I was a block away! (I was a little girl at the time) What the hell is going on???!!!!!

The other day our local (and moronic ) radio talk show host- who only has ratings because she's between Rush and Dr. Laura- said she's terrified of being in a place like Studio City( L.A. County, CA) !!! I say-doesn't matter where you are-unless you're totally aware and suspicious even untrusting (and paranoid to some) And frankly, I'd feel safer in L.A What do think? And again, some thing is going on in Bakersfield, CA bodies keep being found and it makes me glad for my dogs and my guns ( I feel like we are under seige by all of this)

The probable reason for the affluent's attraction to the Knights Templar based cult is the Masons - it's the same club and we all know that if your in the Masons your in the money!! George Bush was apparently a Mason I've heard.

Anyway, "Knights of the Rosey Cross" (you remember Jules Verne - all his heros belonged to a club or named their vessels with the RC initials - standing for Rosey Cross), "Rosicrucians", the Knights Templar (first knights of Christ) and the Masons are all the same thing pretty much - quite interesting stuff if you ever have the inclination.

Have just linked into your page - I'm not a nut or anything I just like to see what's going on out there and am very interested in what makes people tick - psychology etc.

I'm also very interested in preventing cruelty recurring with children !

you forgot the church of scientology. they all run around tampa wearing the same clothes.there are definately more motives they claim.I think the truth will come out but,every time someone comes out against the church.the church digs up dirt on them and tries to ruin their reputation.they are very powerful.people follow them blindly because they think that if actors do it then it must be the way or something.whatever is going on the mojority of the churches followers are kept in the dark about what is really going on.If people want to follow the word of a science fiction writer thats their life i guess.

It's nice to see that a sense of humor and someone exercising their right to freedom of speech is alive and well on the net. Even though mayhem.net may not be for everyone, but it is nice to see something creative and different.

I think you have a kick ass page thingy. Cept you need to get pictures. Or atlest go into detail about some of the killings that they had done ie: "the Gainsville Ripper" he cut off one of his victums heads & put it on the dresses(or bookshelf) so that apon going in to her aparment that would be the first thing one would see,also that he was a lust killer. Well thats my 2 cents. So like um bye.

I stumbled upon your website in a search. I some comments to make. I first of all want to say that I am a born-again Christian, and I AM NOT a murderer. You are wrong when you say Christians are killers. Those people you speak of belong to the Catholic religion or Lutheran religion, or what have you are not Christians at all. A lot of people can profess Christianity, but if they are not walking and living the Christian life according to the Holy Bible, then are living the lie. True Christians emulate the love of Jesus Christ in their lives, and try daily to live up to God's holy standards. No, I'm not perfect, but I am forgiven, and the Holy Spirit guides me daily to do the right things. It is by grace we are saved. God's grace is wonderful. So, you should be careful when you lump "all" so-called Christians with the "real" Christians--there is a "distinct" difference.

I have noticed that there is one killer cult that goes unmentioned, called Christianity, which has killed a very high number of people, to the point you cannot keep track of it. The highest number of hits belongs to Catholicism, with Lutheranism Following, along with The Church of England and other protestant sects after that.

An example atrocity that christians commited were the concentration camps in the Spanish civil war, where other christians (protestants), jews, Marxists, democrats of all types kept like cattle, to name but a few. The Catholic church was directly involved in the persecution of jews as part of it's policy of anti semitism until 1946, making the Manson Family look like the Partridge Family. This proves that Nieztche's dictum is now relevant:

"Man is the cruellest animal of all"

Name: Uncle Sam
Location: Central America, the Congo, Chile, Isreal, South Africa, Angola,
and even in its own back yard, etc.
Body Count: Several million since WW II
Methods: Bombing, torture, arson, starvation (often through proxy armies
recruited through the CIA
Current status: Still at large.

You have GOT to be the most TWISTED motherf***er on this planet... but the page TOTALLY KICKS ASS! I love those brainwashy things of like welcome.to.beyond.human and stuff... it really beats into your head after staring at the damn screen for 1/2 hour straight... HAHAHAHAH!!! Keep it up dude... You gotta love this page!!! =)

Having this page dedicated in loving memory of that sicko Dahmer is questionable, you should'nt celebrate him, although at times I do like to read about humanities darker-half only in curiousity, i just think the page should tell all without acting like a wonderful human being has passed....i think he got what he deserved because lord knows i would have wanted the same if he messed with somebody from my family....

I can't believe Sondra doesn't have anything better to do than stand up for the rights of pieces of shit like Danny Rolling. Get a life lady! Poor Danny, doesn't get his mail. It's not right! Apparently, you don't know the difference between right or wrong or you wouldn't be where your at today!!! Quit your bitching! You whine about as bad as my 5 yr old. Why in the hell do they let these appeal processes go on and on. It's fucking ridiculous, sucking up taxpayers money. Tough shit Danny!

PS: You have a nice web site but I don't know about some of these people you attract.

I was reading your "Cults 'R Us" hitlist when I noticed the case of the "Kentucky Occult Killers" who killed three members of a family of Jehovah's Witnesses a crime which became known as the Lillelid murders. According to your article the leader of the group of teenagers responsible was a girl called Natasha Wallen Cornett, a manic depressive who claimed to be the daughter of Satan.

Natasha has been portrayed by the media almost as a female "Charlie Manson" and she has been continually made a scapegoat for the activeties of a group which she couldn't possibly have had full control over. I thought this was extremely unfair so I searched for more information about Natasha and the more I read, the more I sympathized with her. She is an extemely beautiful young woman and from what I can judge from interviews she's done, extremly witty as well.

The media has dragged up every "dark" aspect of Natasa's life, i.e. her diary of "dark" thoughts, she wrote between the ages of 14 and 16 years, her writing of "Hell-is-for-children" and signing "by-Natasha Ah'Satan (which is her name backwards)" underneath a bridge, her "gothic" wedding and even her lack of attention to spelling and grammer in her other writtings. Natasha is not a monster, she is simply a troubled teenager with an overactive imagination and a rebellious streak - rather like me. The trouble was she met up with some folks who felt similar to herself, which can result in a highly dangerous combination, rather like with the kids who murdered James Bulger in Merseyside.

I would like to know more information about Natasha Cornett and if it is possible to correspond with her. They have tried to portray her as an evil product of Satan, which is probably what she would have wanted. It was even originally suggested that she was the one who ran over the bodies at the murder - even though someone else was driving the vehicle. They obviously thought that she was the most evil member of the group, so evil that she would go out her her way for the thrill of running over the bodies. They even try and accuse her of attemping to incite an uprising in the youth of the world against the christian establishment.


ALRIGHT ALREADY I'm locking my front door. Why, oh why am I compelled to come here after dark and read? I have been vistiting this page lately & just keep coming back for more. Right now my dog doesn't like you very much cause he has to go outside and pee and I won't take him cause I'm too spooked! Somewhere someone is contemplating the next act that will someday make them a figure on this page. We can be sure of that.

Anyway, Henry Lucas's execution is looming up now. Be sure and keep me informed on this one. I've been reading about this guy and Ottis for years. Keep me informed in Newsflash, that's the section i come here for mostly. I've finished reading almost everything else. Also the Green River Killer. This case has driven me nuts for years. Why did he stop? Can you just RETIRE from serial killing? And this school shooting outbreak, what is this, a fad? Glad I graduated years ago.

So thanks for putting up this page. Whenever i want to take a trip into real life horror I come here. You never dissappoint me.

I like the fact that your website educates on the ways of killers. The information is useful. To beat a killer-you have to know how the killer thinks. You have to study the ways of the killer-so it is easier to catch them.

I also believe that the site is a bit dangerous because small children and copycat killers can easily access this information. I think that you are advertising the killers when you send out the shirts.You are giving them fame. Fame is what some of the world's most horrible killers are searching for. I don't think that you should give them what they want. I don't think that you should reward killers in this way.

What makes me angry about your web site is not the word upon it, but the banners advertising UNABOMBER t-shirts. Who do you think wears these things? Not the serial killers....its the kids who idolize them. This is an influence on children. It gives them ideas of grandeur. If you have done your homework then you already know what I am about to tell you, but just in case...

Most serial killers have IQs of 125+. They may portray themselves to be outgoing, full of confidence and self admiration. However, deep inside these men and women loath themselves. They have very low self esteem. They are after power... What could be more thrilling to any serial killer (that is outside the crimes they commit) than to see young children celebrating their lives by wearing their (the serial killer's) face...holding them up on a petastil. It's POWER and it feeds their egos.

As for the children...seeing the faces of serial killers on themselves and other people is a constant reminder that the murder and torture of innocent human beings can make you famous. It's a way to become noticed. It's a way to become celebrated.

I agree with you about the movies and a huge percentage of book sales that are making people rich. I really wish that all of that business would stop. Or better yet, the movie makers and the publishers should donate the profits to the research and apprehension of serial criminals. This would aid the process of becoming more aware of how these human beings become monsters and it would get them off of our streets. There is one thing that most of the movies and books do that your t'shirts don't do. With the exception of Hannibal Lecter, the movies and books shows the jailing and/or death of these creatures. I have yet to see a t'shirt one that represented the price that must be paid for the wrongs these men and women do to show the influential children that for every crime...there is punishment. Have you??

OK here's the deal on the Pear Tree apartment killings in Arlington TX January 1997. The following are excerpts from the Fort Worth Star Telegram. The Tarrant county medical examiner showed some striking similarities between the death of Wendy Rochelle Prescott, 23 and that of Arlington teacher Christine Vu,who's body was found 3 months (Sept 17th)earlier in the same PearTree apartments complex.

Both woman were manually strangled
Both were found dead, naked in a partially filled bathtub.
Neither showed signs of sexual assault
The ankles of both women were bound with grey duct tape, and loose duct tape encircling their necks
Both women suffered cuts or bruises to their lips, arms and foreheads.
There was no forced entry in either case.
Both women of similar age and gender
The wounds were more than likely caused during a struggle with the killer.
The killer strangled Vu with enough force to crush her larynx

Nothing new has happened in the last year and a half prompting me to think that the killer has probably moved to new hunting grounds. Both woman were associated with teaching. Maybe somebody's seen something similar in their city???

who ever is supporting this bullshit is an idiot. The Unabomber could have blown you away just as easy as he did the others. He wouldn't give two shits about killing you, or me. why support him. don't be stupid.

I love to kill because I just love to kill!! Ha Ha! I even wrote a poem, would you like to hear it? I kill for the thrill, the thrill is to kill. Jack and I went up a hill to kill. Jack wanted to go down and I did'nt like his noun, (Nor his adjative) So I fucked him up!!! I have Jacks prick on a stick hanging in my livingroom for a loop toss!! what you think about that?!! Thank you thank you very much!!! thats my Elvis.

I'm glad you folks at least imply what old Jack really is; the most successful serial killer on the loose today. There always seems to be a little too much of a gleam in his eyes when he talks to the press about his "work." While i don't necessarily disagree with the idea of assisted suicide, I don't feel old Jack is in it just to be a humanitarian.

I have been doing a ton of research on these animals and I think the fact that you are sharing your knowledge with the public is great. Knowledge is power. However, you disgust me. Those who make money off of those monsters are just as bad as the monters themselves. Don't you realize that you are encouraging these psychos and perspective psychos by making them out to be some sort of heroes. People like you influence young minds....create more monsters. You are their ticket to fame and fortune. You must know that.

I have been researching this subject so that I may share my knowledge with others so that they will learn to be more aware of their surroundings. People need to know how to put an end to this type of behavior and more importantly how to prevent themselves from becoming victims.

People like you should have the pleasure of being locked in a solitary cell with one or more of these murdering bastards. Maybe then you'd change your tune.


I wanted to drop you a line and tell you that I think your site is one of the best on the web. I'm particularly interested in your crime archives (serial killers) because it's an area of study for me, but the whole site is great!

I know you have your "anti-copyright" policy, but several times tonight I've done web searches (mostly at yahoo.com) for some serial killers for more information, and thought you might like to know that your text, word for word, appears on quite a few sites with no mention of you or your site at all. It's commendable for you to have folx use your content but I don't think it's very cool of those who do it not to even mention where they got it from, and so I thought I'd write and let you know, in case you weren't aware of it. It's downright rude, you ask me :)

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