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you might like to know more about a serial killer from my neighborhood named john joubert. he was arrested in sarpy county nebraska and later executed here. mail me if you want the particulars. i know a lot about him cuz he opperated at offut air force base in bellevue ne, my home town. he killed two boys here and one previously in Maine.

I am writing to comment on your "West Memphis Three" story. I watched the movie almost a year ago, and I was also appalled by the atrocities committed by the court. Until I read your story. After reading it, I went looking for more information on it. "Paradise Lost" was clearly a publicity stunt pulled by the defense. The movie focused on the testimony of the defendants, not the victims' families. It left out many key moments in the trial that would lead a person to believe that the three teenagers were guilty. This society today has to learn to sympathize with the victims, not the victimizers.

I'm just curious about the word "lustmord". What exactly does it mean (I assume "lust for death") and where did it originate? I purchased a book entitled LUSTMORD (a collection of "writings and artifacts of murderers" edited by Brian King) just today and recalled that you also use this word on your webpage. Thanking you for your kind attention...

hey where did you get that BG music for the page? If you don't want to tell me that is understandable. Anyway I thoroughly enjoyed the cannibal page, even though eating something like human flesh is pretty disgusting... it grabbed my attention almost ripping out my jugular, so to speak. Congratulations on an impressive, well-executed, and informative page.

I am currently researching a television documentary for worldwide distribution which focuses on Necrophilia and necrophiliacs. I am looking for potential on- air contributors and would like to know if you would like to discuss this project with me.

Police detectives in the Port City of Mobile, Alabama are entertaining the unpleasant prospect of a serial killer at large in the town of approximately 200,000. In August 1997, Susan Renee Hall's badly decomposed body was discovered in an abandoned building in the downtown area. Last week, the partially nude body of Camille Williams was found within a minute's walk of the site where Ms. Hall's remains turned up. Both women were killed in a similar fashion, both were black, each had three children, and both women had arrest records for prostitution. Detective Tommy Calhoun said "We are definitely looking at these two as possibly being linked," but stopped short of labeling the murders the work of a serial killer. He did not rule out the possibility.

I was wondering if you've ever considered placing the Mormon Church on your killer cult list due to their Mountain Medows Massacre where they slaughtered 120-140 settlers who were passing through their Utah turf in 1857. Only one man, John Lee was ever procecuted for the massacre.

Granted it is now a recognized church (more or less), but the Mormons were seen as little more than a cult at that time, and the event was recent enough so that you dont risk having a precident of including major church endorsed mideaval slaughters.

WOW, nice page...the page loaded and i tried to click on the frame buttons... BANG BANG "gunshot-sound" on the frame scared the crap outta me..

You should include Daniel Lee Corwin in your under 5 kills. Convicted in Walker and Montgomery Counties in Texas, Corwin has 3 kills and 2 assaults under his belt. He is currently about to run out his appeal process on Texas' death row.

I enjoy Internet Crime Archives frequently. How can I found more about young (kids/teens) killers? I haven't found an special section devoted to them. Can you tell me where to go? I want to know more about Jonesboro boys, Thompson and Venables, Yummy Sandifer and so on.


This E-mail is to ask if anyone out there has access to the crime scene photos of the Tate-LaBianca crimes. I'm possibly planning a book that will examine and analyze things in both cases that puzzle me. Please return any info. I'm not some sick individual and these photos, if obtained, will not be published. Thank

I have been reading your web pages about serial murders. I have never seen anything like it. I am kind of curious. Why do you assemble this information? Is it a crime stopper sort of thing?

I am looking for info on a killer (serial?) from London late 19th century named John Walter White, Walter John White, or some similar combination. If you have any resources or referrals please let me know thanks

So I was checking out your serial killer web page and was quite dismayed to see that you didn't include George Russel, murderer of three women here in the Seattle area in the early 90's. He was a corpse-poser, prowler, and preyed on white women (Russel is African-American). You should really add him to your index. Check out the book "Charmer" by Jack Olsen for the whole scoop on Russel. His signature as a murderer was the body-posing thing, very gruesome. There are actually photos of his handiwork in the Homicide Investigation Manual (bible for homicide detectives). Check him out. Anyways, great page!

I really think that you guys are ill. How can you try to make money of something so horrible. By selling those t-shirt you are saying to the youngster using the Internet that it is correct to kill hundred of innocents, and that they can get fame out of it. You are directly promoting violence our society.

I'm a Belgian crime-journalist. I'm looking for more information about the brothers Carl and Billy ISAACS. They killed, at the early 70', in the US six or seven people. Six of them belonged to the same family. Does anybody knows where I could find more information.

About Pandy, the Belgian mass-killer: he's been acused for at least 11 murders... Not only his four own children and his two (ex)wives, but also at least five other victims. The bones the investigators found under his house at the Vandermaelenstraat are from at least five different people...

I am writing a paper in college over the mind of Serial Murderers and Killers. I am facinated bt their ability to kill without remorse, and was curious as to why most Serial Killers are white heterosexual males in their 20-30's. If you know of why this is or could direct me to a site with this information I would greatly appreciate it

I thought I'd just say that this site is damned interesting, although the sound effects are nerve-wracking. By the way, what's up with this possible Cincinnati serial killer? I hear a dismembered torso has been found in the Miami river-- could this be the same guy? Where is the FBI and their crime- scene analysists when ya need 'em? Well anyway, keep up the good work. It's refreshing to see a crime site with a minimal amount of cheesiness.

I am presenting a presentation to my Violence in the U.S. class at Mississippi State University and I want to do it on a serial killer. I want to inform the students about someone that they don't know much about. I want someone who really catches their attention. I have no idea who to choose. Of course Bundy, Gacy, Toole and Lucas are well known. I am a psychology major and serial killers fascinate me. I would really appreciate any help.

Do you have any information on the theories of serial killing being genetic. I was wondering about these theories and the traits that go along with them. If not, do you know somewhere i may find such info?

I'm a student at the University of Massachusetts working with a data set called "Chicago Homicides between 1965 and 1995". For the project, I chose to try to track down the serial murders and cases histories buried beneath the figures. I was wondering if you could possibly send me a list (partial of full) of the cases which occured within this time. Either that, or direct me to a site or book(s) which would help. Thank you for your time and any assistance you might offer.


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Immediately delete any mail items that say this. AOL has said that this is a very dangerous virus and that

there is NO remedy for it at this time. please practice cautionary measures and forward this to all your on-line friends.

I don't even know what compelled me to write to you. I'm a 16 yr old Australian girl and I know that you would probably kill me without a second thought. It's something that intrigues me about killers. I can feel the thrill of the kill when I read the stories. I don't think there is one person alive that has never thought about killing. I think about it all the time. Whether I act upon those thoughts is another issue. Everything kills. Even God kills indiscriminately. Society categorize killers and try to find reasons for them killing. There is no reason. It's in every animal's instinct to kill. Some of us are just unlucky enough to be the victims. Some of us are smart enough not to be taken alive. Police can do whatever they like to try and stop the killers but they never will succeed. It's a genetic disorder just like Downs syndrome or Parkinson's. It will never be cured because doctors haven't discovered a cure yet. You shouldn't be locked away and killed. You should be kept alive and learnt about. I don't kill because I have an outlet for my feelings. This outlet is writing. Should I be locked away for feeling what comes naturally to me? I can't help these feelings. They are part of me. You were just unfortunate enough to get caught, because you acted upon your feelings. I'd like to know more about your crimes and your feelings. You can write to me or you can tell me to get fucked. The choice is all yours. But decide appropriately while you're still alive to make choices.

Yours in good taste,

Danny Rolling writes:
Hello, Courtney! Sondra & I greet you in the cordial spirit of intercontinental communication.

You make an interesting statement:
Police can do whatever they like to try and stop the killers but they never will succeed. Its a genetic disorder just like downs syndrome or Parkinson's. It will never be cured because doctors haven't discovered a cure yet.

If only the defect could be studied under the probe of a microscope's magnification. Then a cure for murder might be possible. Sigh... The problem isn't that simple. Although scientists have made great strides in developing certain drugs that control a variety of mental and physical ailments. The human race excels in technology, while on the other hand fails to resolve basic conflicts such as: hunger, homelessness, child abuse, spousal battering, pollution, deforestation, friction between nations, strife and crime.

In the final analysis, greed will prove to be Homo Sapien's downfall. Prisons and jails are a prime example of human's lack of wisdom. No other species on Earth builds prisons or executes their own. It's not about Justice as so many of the Rulers of Darkness of this present world would have the public believe. It's about GREED! If you take mine? I want yours. And until all people everywhere put aside SELF and join hands in united determination to HEAL ALL WOUNDS, then the bloody beast of self-destruction is sure to raise its ugly head from the festering sea of avarice and swallow US ALL.

I want you to listen to me very carefully. You mention you feel the thrill of the kill when you read stories about murder. If indeed that is the case, I strongly suggest you read something else. Why? you might ask. Because KILLING of all deeds done by mortals is most tragic and horrible. Believe me, young lady, not only does the victim lose that which is more precious than silver or gold (LIFE). The KILLER loses a part of his or her soul every time a life is taken. God as my Sovereign Judge, I regret with all my mind, heart & soul that which I took. If only I could go back? I'd find a way to prevent what happened.

Courtney, I send my heartfelt thoughts across the yawning sea between thee & me. When one takes another's life, 'tis of all things most grievous. I pray you NEVER find yourself on the other side of midnight dripping life blood of another. At that point you will have lost your way.

Danny Rolling

I like manson he is a very interesting individual,as we have all seen with his appearances on geraldo,and other news programs,when he would go through one his rants and blame society for his crimes.. any way any new info sent my way would be appreciated ..... thank you from a manson fanatic.

I'm very interested in serial killing and especially profiling. Currently I am working on some research regarding the crimes of one Monte Rissell. I was just wondering why he is not included in your website. Being credited with 5 murders and more than a dozen rapes at the age of 19, he was certainly one of the most violent criminals of our time.

It seems to me you'd want to look at the article "Letter from Uganda: Our Children Are Killing Us" in the March 23, 1998 issue of The New Yorker magazine. It details the bizarre and horrendous activities of one Joseph Kony, a so-called "rebel leader" in northern Uganda who kidnaps children by the score to staff his army, which sounds more like a cult and a power trip for Kony than it does like any sort of meaningful armed resistance for political reasons. The brutalization that his "soldiers" undergo for the sake of this sicko's delusions is heartbreaking.

Thanks for the interesting info on your site. I went there primarily to see what you had on Heaven's Gate, but the other stuff is fascinating (and not very well known), too.

I agree that the roman catholics are not totally in the "right" they do seem hypocritical dont they. I would like to state that not all christian religion is bad. Cult do us a wrong when they claim to be sent by god. And yet they completely contradict the christian doctrine. im am not a strong believer in denominations and what not but i do believe in God. Some may say that 'what god would let murderers run the street" Well thats the whole thing, he gives us the opportunity to choose wrong from right. He does not completely make every choice for us.

I was in waco during the David Koresh business and i now what he taught. It is so easy to claim to be in the Lords name because Christianity is based upon faith. If christianity is a cult then our entire government is based upon a CULT.

oh yes, the catholic church has NEVER asked anyone to commit murder or committed the act upon others.

After hearing about this mass suicide in California, I decided to do some research. I was shocked to find that there is a cult just like this Heaven's Gate group right in my neighborhood... and there may be dozens of similar organizations throughout the country!

According to the literature I gathered from this organization, which calls itself the "Roman Catholic Church", these people believe that their "body" is merely a vessel containing their "soul", which will "rise up into heaven" upon their death. Their earthly leader is an elderly man in Europe who dresses in robes and wears an elaborate, jewelled hat. They seem to worship a god made of three persons, often identified as the "father", the "son", and the "holy spirit". How twisted! Definitely schizophrenic.

I advise everyone to be on the alert. Very soon, perhaps as soon as next week, this group will stage one of its most elaborate "holy days", called Easter (perhaps in reference to the strange stone figures found on Easter Island). According to one of the groups members, whom I secretly interviewed, cult members believe a man named "Jesus" was killed, and then miraculously "rose from the dead". I know it's hard to understand, but these people actually believe it -- and that makes them dangerous!

During an undercover visit to one of their "churches", I observed neatly dressed cult members (many of whom had similar close-cropped haircuts, excessive hairspray, and/or stiff toupees) sitting and kneeling in concert and "chanting prayers" of thanks to their "heavenly father". Most had a glassy stare in their eyes....with a rather disturbing animated "smile" on their face....as if they wanted something from you. It gives one the willies just thinking about it.

At one point, men dressed in black suits went around the room with baskets, into which members eagerly deposted quarters and $5 bills. Toward the end of the ceremony, members lined up to have a small white wafer deposited in their mouth. Someone told me the wafer contained actual body tissue from their deceased leader, Jesus Christ! Yes...you heard me right folks...they are practicing cannibalistic rituals, chanting "we eat the body and flesh of our Savior". As if this were not enough, then they ritualistically drink wine (probably to enhance their high) as a symbolic representation of *drinking the blood* of their Savior as well!!! Although I was unable to obtain a sample of the evil substance, I can only imagine that it must contain some sort of powerful mind-numbing drug designed to keep these people fearful and obedient!

These flesh-eating blood-drinking vampires sit around dwelling on an image of a man "skewered" on a cross....(nailed to be more specific). Utterly disgusting. The cult followers seem to be fixated on an image of a "Man/God" being tortured, his head set in a wreath of thorns cutting into his skull; an arrow dangling from his side; bleeding and nailed through the hands and feet in a very gruesome manner. The look on his face is very sad. Why they would pick this image as the central focal point of their ghoulish rituals is beyond me. They seem to keep asking for "Favors" from there main Cult Leader "GOD"...who doesn't seem to be very loving, in that He "nailed his own Son to the cross".

These cannibals also deny "reincarnation".........yet, according to their stories....THEIR leader died and "reincarnated" on Easter Sunday...to rise again...so we basically have a "night of the living dead" scenario too, folks!...not to mention complete hypocrisy in the matter of "reincarnation"...i mean, if you can be born once.......what's to prevent one from being born again?

Why do you say Dr. Kevorkian is not a serial Killer? This animal preys on those who can't or don't want to save themselves. He's found perfect victims. The Good Doctor is not trying to help people, he's not a saint! This pig has a genuine taste for blood, and why they allow him to get away with it is beyond me! I'm for euthinasia but in a hospital, not in the back of a death wagon or at the hands of a man who clearly enjoys what he's doing.

I want to Thank You So Very Much! You just don't know what your response back to me meant! I was So Happy, that someone cared enough!

Also, when I wrote my letter, it wasn't because I thought that your web sight was wrong to have in here, on line. In fact, there are So many people in this world who always think that " Nothing like that will ever happen to me or my family!" That's just exactly what I thought too! So, I feel like, maybe your web sight will open up Some peoples minds, and help them realize, this isn't a fairy tale, or something that only happens to other people. The first mistake that most people make is, giving the other person, the benefit of doubt and assuming that they are such a nice person! That's usually how they portray themselves to begin with, so they can get you in their clutches!

Well, anyway, that's why I feel like, your web sight may be of great benefit to some people. The ONLY thing, like I said in my other letter was, leaving out the victims names, as if they were so unimportant! It's just the Anger in me still coming out, even after all these years!

Yes, you were right about the fact of losing a child! I have lost, my first husband. I was 23 yrs. old and had 3 little boys, ages 4 1/2, 3 and 1 yr. One day, my 1st husband came home drunk, I called the police, to have them make him leave. He refused, so they Shot him, 3 times with a riot gun, THREW BOTH BACK DOORS! Yes, he was INside the house, in our kitchen. He lived for 2 months before passing away. My littlest sister, was 23 yrs. old, and died while being in a mental institution. She was choked to death by another patient! She had had, "Spinal Meningities" when she was only 5 months old, and ran a fever of 110*, therefore, the fever burned her little brain completely up. So, the story goes on and on and on. I have lost even my Mom and Dad. So, when someone tells you that they know how you feel from losing a child! No, they don't! It is the MOST CRUSHING thing in the world and it is one thousand times worse, than losing ANYone else you love! Then, when you find out that they have been torcherd to death, like my son, it just adds So much more to the pain!

OK, So much for all that! I thought I would just share with you, some of the horrid things that I have had to go threw, ALL my life! And believe me, what I have told you today, is only scratching the surface of what all has happened in my life! In Fact, I have been told so many times by people that I should write a book, that I have finally decided, that I am going to do just that! The Only reason that I haven't done it before now is, I don't know how to do it, or how to get started. So, until I find help, I am going to just start writing and writing!

Where could I find more information on the strange killings/disappearances around the Houston (I-45) area. I also would like some info on a group/cult of killers called "4p." This site seems to get better everyday.

To the Internet Crime Archives,

I wrote to you before on the subject of a most terrifying serial killer, Dean Corll. Well, I went to Media Play in Kennesaw, Ga. and found a dumb, but interesting documentary called Serial Killers. If you haven't seen it, it's made by Wavelength video and it's on 2 tapes. The soundtrack music if fucking annoying, but I was suprised to see that quite a few of the case studies on the tapes, such as the ones on Son of Sam and Dean Corll, were filled with chilling pictures and video's from their captures and trials. The ones one Ted Bundy and Henry Lee Lucas were also very eye-catching. But I'm not writing you just to tell you about the tapes, but to recommend that you get it and pursue this idea: I think you should put a section up in the archives were you can click on an AUDIO RECORDED QUOTE from a selected serial killer. Elmer Wayne Henley was filmed by local cameramen at the scene when he was captured, and it shows him on a phone, saying "Momma,.........I killed Dean. Momma, I'm sorry, Momma." You can hear his mother crying in the background. It's AWESOME!! I recommend that you quote these guys and let people hear their chilling voices; It certianly got my attention. Think about it and get back to me, because I think once you hear the killer's talk, then you will agree with me that people who come to your site will listen and tell their friends to listen as well.

I only found your place quite by accident! I was trying to find the "LAPDTV" that they advertised on TV, and now, I'm not quite sure that I like what I read! I'm sure you know that I am going to tell you why! My Son's name was " JAMES FERRIS ", and he was one of the 6 boys, that " bob berdella " had murdered. His name, doesn't qualify to be capitalized by me! There's not only a few things that you have written quite Wrong, you people seem to always give ALL of your attention to JUST the "SICKO'S", who commit the murders, BUT, how about a little attention, or even just a few nice words about the "Victims"! Would that be too much trouble to ask of you?

You have in your article about him, that picked up "Drifters" and "Homosexuals"! Well, to begin with, my son, was neither! My son was and had been married, to the same girl, Bonnie Ferris, for over 8 years. They were expecting their first child in January 1987, They had tried, for 7 years to have this baby, and James was SO happy he couldn't hardly wait! Now, what the real deal was James was on drugs and I tell you honestly! He was very intelligent and a very responsible kid! He Never ditched school, he went everyday. He went into the Army when he was 17, because he was a "ADHD" child, and he wanted something to do all the time, instead of sitting at his school desk an hour at a time. The Army, immediately sent him to Germany, which they had promised me they wouldn't send him overseas, as young as he was, but they did anyway! About 6 months later, in the newspaper, and on the TV news, here in Kansas City, they told a story of the Severe Drug use and addiction of the Army guys in "Manheim"! So, here comes my son home, a heroin addict! He went down hill ever since. The DRUGS, are why these boys got involved mostly, with bob berdella!

By the way, there wasn't 2 bodies found in his house! Who told you that? There were 2 Skulls found, one buried in his back yard and the other was in berdellas closet! Guess where my son is? Well, supposedly, he is buried in our city dump here, along with some of the other boys! By the way, they are all "Dismembered" Too! So, I will NEVER get to give my son a proper burial, and lay him next to his brothers grave! He may have only kept a couple of the boys a couple of days to torture them to death, but one boy in particular was kept alive for over a month. And, you don't even know the HALF of what he did to those kids either. It wasn't only what you wrote in here, believe me!

And, yes, he pleaded guilty to murdering 6 boys, not 7, and the only reason he got Life instead of the death penalty was Thanks "Albert Reiderer" our prosecutor, who let berdella plea bargin! You want to know why?? Because there was some really high up people involved sexually and otherwise with berdella, and if there had been a trial, they would have been found out about! ALL of us parents, said ABSOLUTETY NO, when they ask if we would let them plea him out! What wonderful "JUSTICE" we don't have in our country!

By the way, who told you berdella was poisoned in prison? If he was, we weren't told about about it, BUT I tell you what, I sure hope to Hell he was poisoned! We were told that he had a heart attach, and that they made sure he didn't get to the Hospital in time! That they waited an hour before sending him there!

Also, for your information, the police knew for almost 2 years, that he had killed some kids, but said they didn't have enough evidence to prove it! HA! Finally, the day that they Did go to his house, to ask him about my son, he later confessed, that that very day, my son was upstairs completely dismembered, and laying in his bath tub! He let them go downstairs and look, in his basement, but refused to let them look upstairs!

So Now, I have a Beautiful little Granddaughter, who was born 3 months to the day, that her Daddy disappeared. She was born the day after Christmas, on December 26th, 1987. The nicest thing is, she looks just like her Daddy, and He never got to see, the Baby he wanted SO much!

I want to tell you also, not that I am crazy about your web sight, BUT, it sure will allow others to know, how Horrible one person can treat another, and the Horrible Things, that one person CAN do to another!! I found out, the Hard way! By Losing my Son to an excrutiating death, of Torment and Sexual Abuse beyond belief.

And again, I want all of you to know; My Beautiful Sons Name is; " Walter James Ferris " {James } And, My other Beautiful Sons name, that wanted him buried by was " Wayne Johnathan Ferris" {John}! At least they are both together forever now! GOD BLESS ANY OF YOU, WHO HAVE LOST A CHILD OR A RELATIVE, ESPECIALLY BY SOMEONE WHO IS AS CRUEL AS THESE MURDERERS ARE!! Thank you, for letting me acknowledge my SONS name, instead of just berdella's!

Where could I find more information on the strange killings/disappearances around the Houston (I-45) area. I also would like some info on a group/cult of killers called "4p." This site seems to get better everyday.

I think that a person to have a web site such as this probably are very sick in the head. Find something legal to talk about. The only reason I came on here was to do research for a speech I am doing on Ted Bundy.

Hi, would you be able to tell me when the last time El Psicopata killed? i'm planning a trip to Costa Rica soon and was wondering if there sould be some concern?

Ran across your site and though loaded with lots of info on mass killers, I also noticed a lot of mis informed statements, ie., about militias (McViegh) and several other , what I call uneducated sensationalism. Too bad, could have been an informative site. I scanned a few and decided I had seen enough BS.

I am unsure as to whether this particular madman is on your site. Have you ever heard of a man named Baron Ungern-Sternberg? He was a Tsarist Officer in the first world war, and later fled to Mongolia after the war ended and his wife and children were killed in a reds/whites skirmish. Anyway, Sternberg converted to his own unique form of buddhism and declared that he was Ghengis Khan incarnate. He formed his own private army and killed several thousand people, mostly civilians- he would roast bolshevik captives, alive, by slowly lowering them from trees into bonfires. Interested? Let me know and I'll type out the info. Just tell me what format you'd like it in.

Sondra London: What do you mean when you say "Old serial killers never really die - they just go on to possess new serial killers?"

Well... it started out as a joke - pursuant to a certain long-running line of jocularity I have enjoyed with Mike Newton about all these alters that serial killers keep talking about. Gacy with his Jack Hanley, Gerard Schaefer with his Hanley B. Poole - AND Jerry Shepard, Ken Bianchi with Steve, Bill Heirens with George Murman, and Antone Costa kept talking about some guy I think he called Larry(??) - then there's the ubiquitous arch-fiend "the bushy-headed stranger." You're always hearing about some shadowy other guy who did it.

I was reading the interrogations of Edward Humphreys, that poor scarfaced manic-depressive kid who gave false confessions to the Gainesville murders. He claimed it was done by his own homicidal alter, whom he called JOHN. (It was a florid psychosis. He didn't have the facts of the crimes right.)

Then along came Danny Rolling who really DID commit the murders, and lo, HE speaks in terms of GEMINI, the killer spirit that possessed him. You think of GEMINI out there lurking around in the dark, Danny living like an animal in the woods... and freelance nutballs like Ed Humphreys just bouncing around looking for something to set them off.

My question to Danny was, OK so you say you didn't know Ed Humphreys, and Ed Humphreys says he didn't know you. BUT! Wonder if GEMINI knows JOHN? Wonder if there's more going on here than even YOU realize?

Danny has assured me repeatedly that he was the only mortal being present committing those crimes. No Ed Humphreys, no Glen Rogers. Just Danny/Ennad... and GEMINI. Three-in-one.

You see, due largely to his fundamentalist background, Danny believes literally in free-floating disembodied evil spirits seeking a soul to animate.

I don't participate in that sort of magical thinking myself. I think of the experience these benighted creatures seek to describe as mental disorders of various types proceeding from damaged brains.

But who knows? If there is such a thing as immortality of the soul, then aren't these fallen angels - and their evil twins - immortal too? And if they are indeed immortal - in any sense - then when our execution-happy society turns their physical vessels into crispy critters, perhaps all that unappeased rage and hatred is released into the astral plane - to go... where? Perhaps it is as the mystics have suggested, they become free radicals - or psychic vampires seeking yet another receptive portal to continue the toxic corrosion of the human spirit that is their raison d'etre.

While awaiting trial for seven New York shootings in 1981, David Berkowitz brooded over the battle for his soul, writing in his prison diary: "There is, no doubt, a deep hidden array of forces behind the Son of Sam killingsx Good and Evil, God and Lucifer, yet, while every seat in the courtroom is taken, likewise, every corner space at the ceiling will be taken by those of the spirit world. There is no doubt in my mind that the outcome of this trial would affect all of God's angels and all of Satan's demonsx I have a fear now that I too will become a demon, or I may be a demon right now. Sometimes the need to kill becomes so overwhelming that I fear myself. However, I know this is not me. I'm certain there is someone inside me, an alien presence whose need to obtain blood and kill is in relation to his rebellion to God."

And Danny Rolling says in his Introduction to _The Making of a Serial Killer_, "Dear reader friend, hear the declaration of this condemned man: There are forces that move in this world, forces you rarely see with the natural eye, because they are supernatural beings. Every now and then, a soul is born with eyes capable of seeing into that realm that goes beyond imagination. I have seen supernatural beings of darkness reaching for me. Oh God, they never stop reaching for all of us. They want our minds so they can destroy the creation of God. As a child, my self-esteem was broken down. As a result, there was an opening in my mind - a crack, if you will. I've always been sensitive to the spirit world. I know when a demon is peering out of a dark corner, as well as I know when angels of great beauty and power are hovering near. In the course of my life I have yielded to both powers, and there is only one conclusion: Right and good always follow the heavenly. Wrong and evil produce nothing but HELL."

But even without all the creepy hoodoo-voodoo side of it, still there may be something to the idea, based purely on a principle of conservation of psychic energy. You don't have to believe in the literal existence of demons and vampires and angels - fallen or otherwise - to know that evil exists in thoughts, actions, and transactions between human beings.

And Danny Rolling, whose crime scenes reportedly conveyed a palpable sense of evil which seemed to be "sending a message," says that he has no message - but GEMINI does. The idea behind the symbolic posing of the victims was to demonstrate that EVIL IS REAL - it walks the earth like a natural man.

It appears to me that the execution of these beings that may in some sense house an enormous wellspring of EVIL does nothing but draw all of us into the cycle of vengeance and violence and rage whose fruits can be nothing but more of what we was sensed at these crime scenes. And in that sense, the evil spirits that animate the condemned never really die, their rage and fear and hatred just go on to animate a fresh set of hands whose owners once again report this sense of alienation or dissociation from their own crimes, almost as if they were done by some evil spirit who possessed them.

It was supposed to be a joke, but when you actually break it down, it's not that funny, is it?

Oh well, rockin on into the apocalyptic dawn, then...

Her Elestriousness The Horrendest Discordian


Just a note to give thanks for maintaining such a voluminous and current crop of information. I am a graduate student in criminology (I am studying with Dr. Eric Hickey) and have been looking to your newsflash for years now to collect info on the global nature of serial murder. I was wondering how you came to start this page and how you manage to find time to find new info and update. Do you work or go school, and if so what area are you in.

To include The West Memphis Three in your list is absolutely absurd. Obviously, you don't actually know a thing about REAL evidence. This summation of the actual events is so laughable. I have often wondered what type of person would keep a list like this. Now I know. I presumptious, uneducated person.

i can't believe you have this crap on here--the total lack of regard for the suffering of the families of victims is appalling. and maybe you think the glib remarks are funny--they aren't--they're sick. get rid of this stuff!

In my opinion, Dean dean corll was the most vicious and extremely underrated serial killer in U.S. history. It would be so greatly appreciated if you could feature more articles and pictures on him and his two fearful partners, David Owen Brooks and Wayne Henley. I would like to see more people interested in the subject of serial killers getting their hands on this story of a lifetime. I would also like to hear anything about the status of Brooks and Henley in prison. This story continues to haunt me. Sometimes I put on that old 1970's song 'Dont Fear The Reaper' by Blue Oyster Cult and imagine the horror and torture these kids went through. It seems that this song was written in reference to Dean Corll and his terrifying crimes. May I suggest a great article on him: I think its either in Time magazine or Life, maybe even Newsweek. The date is August 20th, 1973. The picture of Corll in this article is absolutley hypnotizing. Try to find it if you havent read it already. Thank you for your time and Best Wishes to The Internet Crime Archives continued success.

I just got fired from my job as I had a boss that apparently idolized George Steinbrenner. I am a professional so I don't do things like that (although I AM the right demographic group for a serial killer - a 31 year old single white male), but my secret wish is that my ex-boss meets the "Lone Postal Worker of the Apocalypse" in his future firing endeavors. The threat of someone 'going postal' probably has already kept at least one fire-happy boss under control by controlling his base instincts. By the way, I have already found another job.

There was another cult which we were in where several people died. That is "Natural Hygiene", a health fad or system started by Harvey Kellogg in the 1800s (see the movie "The Wellness Institute") and made popular in this century by Herbert M., Shelton. They believe that virtually all illnesses can be cured by fasting. A desciple of Shelton's, Arthur Andrews, ran a fasting place in Holllister, CA called The Religious School of Natural Hygiene from about 1979 to about 1985. He called himself the "First Minister" or "Rev." to avoid governmental regulation. Several people died and were severely injured by overfasting there. After he overfasted and injured us, we got the California Board of Medical Quality Assurance after him. They sued him and got an injunction, ordering him not to fast people for therapeutic reasons (religious fasts are still OK) and he went out of business and opened a second-hand store in Boulder Creek, CA. We and others sued him, but he had little assets. Other practitioners of Natural Hygiene have had fatalities and injuries also, but none as many as Arthur Andrews.

I wish charlie were my father, I could learn alot from a figure of so much intelligence in thinking. If there's any talk or word of anything dealing with my father, would you please inform me. My master would really appreciate it.

They tried it, they liked it, they did it again!
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