Chaos Inc.

Better Living Through Hypertext

Chaos Inc. is responsible for all images and hypertext of Digital Mayhem.

Chaos Inc. believes in art on the edge of piracy. Everything in these pages was once someone else's copyright.

Chaos Inc. is the result of technology in the hands of the wrong people. No one is to blame, everyone is guilty.

Chaos Inc. uses and endorses HTML codes specific to Netscape 2.0.

Chaos Inc. finds Netscape to be the fastest and most enjoyable way to travel the Web. Unfortunately their licencing agreement leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Chaos Inc. believes in a kinder, glentler bandwidth for the Internet, free from commerce and politics.

Chaos Inc. is searching for intelligent life in the Web. If you know where to find it, please show us the way.

Chaos Inc. encourages everyone to wake up and avoid reality. Reality, being the root of all evil, must be removed from conciousness for better living through entropy.

Chaos Inc. is not a job, it's not an adventure, it's a state of mind. You too can achieve it.

Chaos Inc. can be reached through the use of drugs, alcohol, starvation, hypertext, sex, mayhem, violence, sleep deprivation, mental fatigue, or via e-mail.