Truckload of Killers
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  • Internet Crime Archives: The homepage of the mass-murdering serial killer.
  • Newsflash: The latest accounts of worldwide mayhem.

  • Serial Killer Hit List: A who's who in the serial killer scene.

  • Killers At Large: Early reports on soon to be famous killers.
  • Cannibals Anonymous: Guess who's coming for dinner?

  • Mass Murderer Hit List: Gun-totting maniacs shooting for zero population growth.

  • Cults 'R Us Hit List: The killer cult count down to extinction.

  • Crime Candy: A non-stop animated horror.

  • BodyCount: Kill mail received from crime enthusiasts worldwide.

  • Post-Mortem: Credits and bibliography.
  • Reload: Step into the world of Putrid Afterthought

  • Genital Delirium: Art on the edge of damage.

  • Aftershock: Shooting gallery of the mind.

  • Subculture: Art on the Edge of Piracy

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