"Killers on the Loose" by Antonio Mendoza

From the files of the Internet Crime Archives, "Killers on the Loose" tracks suspected serial killer cases throughout the world. According to an FBI Behavioral Unit study, serial killing has reached "almost epidemic proportion". Authorities estimate that there are between 35 and 50 serial killers on the loose in the USA. "Killers on the Loose" looks at 20 unsolved serial murder cases from South Africa to Costa Rica, from Argentina to Spokane in search of clues behind the faceless killers.

Release DateJuly 6, 2000
Virgin PublishingISBN: 0753504421

"Crossing to Kill" by Simon Whitechapel

"Crossing to Kill" is the true story of a serial-killer playground. The true story of a labyrinth of mirrors. The true story of how one man, an Egyptian chemist called Abdul Latif Sharif, was directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths of more than 180 young women in six years in a Mexican border city called Ciudad Juárez.

Release DateMarch 9, 2000
Virgin PublishingISBN: 0753504960

"Lone Wolf" by Pan Pantziarka

Michael Ryan... Thomas Hamilton ... Martin Bryant ... "spree" killers. Who are these loners who maim and murder at random? "Lone Wolf" examines what drives killers like these to turn on friends, family and strangers, and asks if there is any way to stop the epidemic-like violence of summer 1999. "Lone Wolf" is the first book to look at spree killing as a worldwide phenomenon, analysing seven key cases in exhaustive detail to answer how and why such events occur, and what we can do to prevent them.

Release DateMay 4, 2000
Virgin PublishingISBN: 0753504375

"Addicted to Murder" by Mikaela Sitford

"Addicted to Murder" is a gripping, horrifying account of Dr Harold Shipman's lust for blood. How was Dr Shipman able to get away with murder for so long to become Britain's biggest ever serial killer? Told by the journalist responsible for breaking the story to the world, all the events in his background that led to cold-blooded murder are examined. This is also the inside account - in a world exclusive - of an earlier police investigation that failed to bring Shipman to justice.

Release DateNovember 19, 1999
Virgin PublishingISBN: 0753504456

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