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I just wanted to let you know that most of the people who read your site are obviously retards. I know some people of religions can press their beleifs on others, but listen to the douche bags that write into you! At least most "Christians" can spell and spit out a real sentence. You guys judge them for judging you, that makes alot of fuckin' sense, jack off! And I know I wrote a critical letter, cause I can. I like the site, I really do, but after reading your letters I feel I'm hanging out with a bunch of stupid, ignorant, bastards. Probably cause I am.

After examining several crime databases over the last several months, I've decided that yours is the most comprehensive and well researched. At least I find this to be true as regards crimes involving mass murder and serial killing. After looking at some of the letters sent to your archive, however, I am dismayed. I came across several letters that indicated the writer possessed an unquiet (and by "unquiet" I mean deranged) mind. Even if some of these letters were designed to give that impression and the writer was merely playing some kind of joke, I find it disturbing still. I hope it has been possible for you to present the email addresses of the senders to authorities if you think there is a chance they will be investigated, logged, or somehow cross-referenced with email addresses of known offenders (if that's even possible).

I also hope that some of the people who contact you are indeed in law enforcement so they can see for themselves the bizarre messages you have been sent. Okay, now that I've got that off my chest I am making a request that you get rid of the annoying soundtrack that accompanies your site (it really is in bad taste) and tone down the graphic intensity; all those flashing banners and the like are distracting (something I've noticed on other sites with crime databases as well). Other than those two criticisms I have nothing else negative to say. I commend you on your incredible research and the addition of victim profiles which I first noticed in your section on Robert Yates.

I have never read so much garbage, by accident, in my entire life! What's the matter with you people? Don't you have lives? Get on with them. Do a Course, take a walk, get a job. I'm too speechless to bother going on...


I've never seen mayhem.net until now, supprising concidering the fact that I've been online for almost 4 years now. So I've seen alot of gore, porn, art, death and such online. Mayhem.net rocks. I was looking for something on Mayhem, the black metal gods from Norway, that's how I stumbled upon yer site. Keep up the good work.


I came across this webpage as a result of doing research for a school paper on serial killers, and i must say there is alot of information in this page, but that shit about god killing a bunch of people is just fucking dumb, god is the almight king, god didnt KILL nobody, dahmer and all those sick bastards killed people, god killed noone. Just thought i would let you know that you need a life.

You Might Be A Cop If

You have the bladder capacity of five people

You have ever restrained someone and it was not a sexual experience

You believe that 25% of people are a waste of protoplasm

Your idea of a good time is a robbery at shift change

You call for a Background Check on anyone that is friendly toward you

You think it is perfectly normal to discuss dismemberment over a gourmet meal

You can identify a negative "tattoo to tooth" ratio just by looking at a person

You find humor in other people's stupidity

You believe in the aerial spraying of Prozac

You disbelieve 90% of what you hear and 460 of what you see

You have your weekends off planned for a year in advance

You believe that a "shallow gene pool" should be grounds for an arrest

You believe that the Government should require a permit to reproduce

You believe that unspeakable evils will befall you if anyone says "Boy, it sure is quiet around here"

You refer to your nightstick as your "Dork Slayer"

You believe that chocolate is a food group

You take it as a compliment when someone calls you a prick

You have wanted to hold a seminar on "Suicide, getting it right the first time

You believe that "too stupid to live" should be a valid jury verdict

You have had to put a complainant on hold, while you laugh uncontrollably

You have wanted a terrorist to deliver a Ryder truck to a particular bar

You believe the dispatcher is possessed

You think caffeine should be available in I.V. form

You're not referring to food when you mention vegetables

You believe that the holding cell should come with a Valium saltlick

You have heard: "I have no idea how that got there," on more than a few occasions

You suddenly realize one night that you are patrolling the Twilight Zone

You correlate "two beers" with 0.15 BAC

You have learned a lot about paranoia, simply by following random cars around in your patrol car

You believe that it is a "good" death only if it involves overtime


And NO! I don't hate god because he killed a bunch of people. Do you hate Jason Vorhees because he killed a bunch of people? You cannot hate things that do not exist.

The number dead if stated is listed to the left. I have starred my personal favorite "acts of God," as far as meanness and utter disregard for innocence or guilt. Anyone who thinks TV is violent should read this book. The random unjustified slaughter is amazing.

Killed by God:

? -- Drowned everyone in the whole world except for Noah and his family (Genesis 7)
1 -- Saltified Lot's wife (Genesis 19:26)
? -- Burned all of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah (except for "good" Lot who offered his virgin daughters to a mob of men and then slept with both of them himself later)* (Genesis 19:24)
1 -- Slew Er, Judah's firstborn son (Genesis 38:7)
1 -- Er's brother, Onan (38:10)
? -- The firstborn in all of Egypt* (Exodus 11:4)
? -- Drowned the Pharaoh and all of his gang in the Red Sea
2 -- Nadab and Abihu for making a fire
? -- Burned some Jews for complaining
? -- Sent a plague against Jews for being greedy
11 -- Sent a plague on Jews who gave the chosen land a bad report (Numbers 14: 36-37)
? -- Korah and other Jews who didn't like Moses
14,700 -- Sent a plague on Jews apparently for the hell of it "many" -- Sent serpents on Jews
? -- Philistines
50,070 -- Jews who looked in the Ark of the Covenant*
1 -- Nabal for scorning David
1 -- Uzzah for touching the ark when trying to keep it from falling*
1 -- David and Bathsheba's child
70,000 -- Sent a pestilence because David sinned*
102 -- Sent fire down on Ahaziah's men
42 -- Sent bears to kill children who mocked Elisha*
? -- Sent lions to kill invaders
185,000 -- Assyrians
80,000 -- Lots of bad Israelites

Killed on God's orders by the Jews:

? -- Jacob's sons killed every man in Shechem
3,000 -- Jews worshipping the golden calf (Exodus 32:27)
1 -- Man gathering wood on a Sunday
? -- Canaan
? -- Took the city of Heshbon from the Amorites
? -- All of the people of Bashan
24,000 -- Jews who followed Baal
? -- All Midianites except for the virgin girls
? -- Everyone in Jericho but Rahab, a hooker who betrayed her city
? -- Achan and his family(who had nothing to do with it) for stealing ? -- Everyone in the cities of Ai, Makkedah, Libnath, Jarmuth, Geder, Hormah, Arad, Addellam, Bethel, Tappuah, Hepher, Apheh, Lasheron, Madon, Tasnach, Megiddo, Kedesh, Jokneam, Dor, Goiim, Terzah, and all of the Amorites
10,004 -- The men of Bezek
? -- The people of Jerusalem, Sheshai, Ahiman, and Talmai
? -- The people of Zephath, Gaza, Ashkelon, Ekron, and the king of Moab, Eglon.
? -- The army of Sisera and the men of Karkor
? -- Jephthah destroyed 20 cities
? -- Samson killed 30 men who solved his riddle, the Philistines, and tons of people when he died
50,100 -- The men of the tribe of Benjamin
? -- The tribe of Jabesh-gilead
? -- The Ammonites, the Philistines and the Amelekites
331,269 -- killed by David for various reasons
3 -- Solomon killed a few people too
? -- All of Jeroboam's extended family
? -- All of Baasha's extended family
450 -- Prophets of Baal
793,000 -- All Jewish Baal-followers
127,000 -- Arameans
1 -- Man who wouldn't strike a prophet
? -- Moabites
172 -- Jezebel, Ahab's sons, Joram, their priests, and their friends
142 -- Ahaziah's relatives
? -- All of Baal's followers
1 -- Athaliah for killing sons
1 -- Mattan the Baal priest
10,002 -- Edomites and two servants
? -- All of the pregnant women in Tirzah*
20,000 -- Hezekiah killed a bunch of people
500,000 -- Israelites killed each other
50,000 -- Ethiopians
23,000 -- Seerites
510 -- Haman's army
75,300 -- More of the army

Grand Total:

more than 399,933 people killed by "God"

...going only on the numbers listed (not counting, oh, say, the entire population of the world at the time of Noah, 3 cities, and other such things that were not enumerated in the Bible)

more than 2,017,956 people killed by followers of God

...not even counting the 65 cities they destroyed without seeing fit to give any numbers

Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but I have been studying this case for several years. I don't know about you but when I want to know if someone is guilty or innocent, I look at the hard evidence and not the he said she said. The photo I have sent you are pictures of bite marks found on the three eight year old children. The bite marks do not match Damien, Jason or Jessie's teeth marks. However, Chris Byers's step-father had all his teeth removed after the children were killed.

Hi, i stumbled on to your site the other day through a link at black dog towers. First off id like to say that the inginuity and and effort that goes into the design of the site is very amazing and of high caliber. But this pails in comparison to the brilliance of your work. This sounds like im kissing ass but even though i havent really studdied art much, you are probably my favorite artist. Your work has such imagination and boldness to it, it creates a surreal enviorment around you. Your work is extremely wierd, in my opinion the wierder the better. I think this because obviously if something is wierd, then it is unnormal, thus it is unique. Unique brings to it quality. Your work reminds me of and Freda Callow (Afraid i dont know the correct spelling of her name) But your works seem to take up were she left off. The painting of Callow with her head on a dying deer seems to be where you picked up. Anyway thats what i have to say on work and why i like it.

The only things i really dont like much on this site are ,for one, the extreme use of pornography (I understand that this is just as much of an important aspect of art as any other source but after a certain amount of it, it looses its artistic aura to it and starts becoming disturbing) two, i didnt really understand the crime and serial killer thing, its not that this wasnt interesting,you were able to tie your art in with it, but it would add more variaty if you included other subjects other then pornograpy and crime like maybe telivision, music, video games, cartoons, ect.. Lastly the site kinda jumps around a bit with some links leading to same places as links on another page.

Other then what ive mentioned, your site and art rock! Keep up the good work, and please consider my comments and ideas.

Would you by chance happen to know of any serials killers that have some connection (however remote) to advertising or television...for example a serial killer that, say, watched TV a lot? I'm working on a humor article and need to find a serial killer to recommend for a commercial.

I am not sure if you can help me out at all. I am in hopes that if you can not you could atleast help me figure out where I could find the information I am in seek of.

SOemone I have chatted with via the internet for roughly about a year has begun to send me some rather disturbing emails as of late. Honestly I would think he may be talking smoke out of his butt, yet I wonder if there could possibly be some truth to them. Or if the truth is not of right now, but may happen later down the line.

I know this person has created a website in regards to how to make bombs and such. I also know that he isn't quite all there. Where would you begin to report a person on the internet that may possibly show signs of being a threat to people or society in genereal? Could you help me?

i logged on to your website by accident! How ever after reading about these crimes it brings me to the conclusion that the human race (well some of them) are idiots! I read a book about people opposing the death penalty! I was against it in the beginning. But after considerable thought, I read all of these horrible crimes and I find it hard to believe that people such as Richard Ramirez, He was allowed to get married!

For God's Sake is there no justice? How can we as a so called society, let slime like this marry? He should be in a cell like the guy from the movie "Murder In The First"! Remember that movie? He robbed bread or something for his family to eat. Yet he was in solitary confinement for more than three years. So why are people like this slime allowed to marry? I find it hard to feel sorry for these so called "Human Beings". Yet I also believe that the death penalty is not a cure.

After reading another book about child abuse entitled "A Child Called It". This man grew up and became a human being. Some of us so called human beings cannot do that. So for these unfortunates I feel no remorse, ESPECIALLY IF THEY HARM CHILDREN!!!! I am off to read more. Is there anything I can do to make this stop? Just let me know. Another concerned citizen!

Hello, I'm a 22 year-old boy from Belgium.

My friends call me J.D. I just want to say that I certainly know that I'm gone be a serial killer within a few years. Because all the serial killers from the past en today are cery interesting to me. It is my hobby to collect everything that goes about serial killers. So, that's all that I have to say today. I hope that somebody believe's me because it's not a bunch of crap that I'm writhing down

I would like to take this opportunity to express how much I enjoy your website. I am facinated by the field of criminal psycology, and your chronicles of some of our more infamous criminals is very interesting to me. Seeing what some of these animals did to their victims really shows us what type of people they are. Thank you and keep up the good work. By the way, how does one get a copy of your newest book?

there are small things that whirl and whiz past the periphials of our vision. a knife holds no more mystery that a child's riddle. it is a simple fix. please don't glamourize the motion. the rip of flesh is not inpirational, nor is it any great secret. ages before me have done fouler and greater things. my place upon this earth as student. any wisdom i can impart belongs to some long grey face. i have a face that rests somewhere behind my eyes. a thousand rents across real flesh will never divide that visage from memory. do you know that feeling? your celluloid fantasies are comical. i have cat, he is my social circle. i lack social graces, and i am not proud nor defiant. i long for the gears that will propel me into some sort of bio-interaction. the grin of corpses is not a welcome home. please renounce the demons that guide your thoughts into motion. i offer no explanation of justice, and am skeptical of divinity. but please roll your eyes back to some fragile memory before you let the hammer fall. mercy is its own salvation.

Dear Sir,

The purpose of my web site is to provide both Christian and non Christians with information on television evangelists. I have become aware that many families have been broken up by the questionable tactics used by unethical evangelistic movements verified by letters I have received from visitors to my site.

My target group are those people who are concerned about the potential disruptions to religion, culture, society and the family brought about by the pseudo-christian, money driven activities of those who pretend to be doing " God's work". Often these people promote hatred and intolerence toward Muslims, Hindus, Buddists, etc when they engage in money making activities. To combat these activities it is especially important that those who have higher education, life experience and general levelheadedness see these activities for what they are.

My goal is to educate people about the pseudo-religious evangelist: their goals, methods and scams which are used to draw people into their ministries. Much of this information applies to North America as well as other countries. These events have international significance as well as local signifence.

My web site is designed to allow students, academics and ordinary people to access this information, as well as provide a starting point for those to pursue more in-depth research on this subject.

4 California Highway Patrolmen were killed 4-6-70 by two career criminals - Jack Twining and Bobby Davis. Details on the CHP website. Add it to the list - as it stands as one of the most infamous police killings in modern day - it revolutionized the way lawman make traffic stops.

Hey man, what about the Browns Chicken murders where I believe 9 people were shot/stabbed at one time. I want to say that case is about 7 years old now. Happened in Palatine, Illinois. Or is that featured in another part of your web site? Other than that, excellent job. Keep up the great work, man!

A website with documented information on a cult has been closed down due to threats from the followers of the cult.

The website is Joseph Inca's "Ontopsychology Critical Page", hosted on Xoom. The site provided official documents (including a report by the Italian Ministry of the Interior), newspaper articles and other critical information on an Italian cult - Antonio Meneghetti's "Ontopsychology" - which is also active in Brazil, Russia and elsewhere. Xoom refuses to discuss why they closed the site, merely mentioning their terms of service which forbid... pornography and spamvertising, two activities which have nothing whatsoever to do with the issue.

I have no intention of discussing Ontopsychology, which I know nothing about. However, such censorship is unacceptable. When a group starts to look actively for followers and sponsors (as does Ontopsychology), potential followers and potential sponsors have the right to access any available information on the group. Otherwise, their decisions will neither be free nor informed.

This is why we should express our full support for the Dutch provider xs4all - well known for other courageous fights for freedom of expression - which has reopened the site at their own risk at the following URL:


something moves underneath the lids of our eyes. dreams run from cheek, to chin, to gutter. this fixation on our darker side-it rings in vibrant decibels. where is the grief? it is eclipsed by commercials, and diluted by talk shows. blood does not wash out easily. terror does not fade with grace. as a child i ran glass down my arms in protest-a difiant hand grasped tight, as traces of color snaked across my limbs-hot words lept from my lips.

would you like to hear tales of gore? perhaps you hunger for the salty taste of reality. there is no romance in the cutting of flesh. it serves the butcher, and his hand alone. i stand today, arms crossed and eyes narrowed. short legs run outside my window. tender and agile. i long to feel them split under the weight of steel. but urges suppressed are delights prolonged. i will wait. mark this day. it will prove valuble in your sick pursuits. tuck these words in your pocket, press them into one another and whisper prayers to angry gods. or something like that. great humour runs in zig-zags. so spin in counter-clock wise circles and chew on the insides of your cheeks. there must be some sort of meaning in all this nonsense. if not, then spread sheets across the floor and set the counters on high speed. fare thee well my visions of greatness, the day at hand will have to do. s05a15s70.

Have you heard about Wayne Nance? He's the subject of the book entitled "To Kill and Kill again". The only reason I ask is because he's the only serial killer, that I know of, who plied his trade in Montana (unless the Unabomber counts). His demise is a pretty frightful tale (beat the hell out of some poor dude, tied him up and left him for dead, went upstairs and began raping his wife. The husband breaks free.... clambers up the stairs, bloody and brutalized, and caps old Nance in the head). I'm not positive, but I think his attributed with 6 - 11 rape/murders.

Concerning Jack the Ripper. I just watched a special about him on the Discovery Channel. Scotland Yard is now 90% sure that the man responsible for the killings was a jewish, polish immigrant by the name of Aron Kosminski. The killings stopped after they began tailing him 24 hours a day. Eventually they nabbed him on an unrelated charge and had him incarerated at an insane asylum outside of London.

I was viewing your internet crime database in the killer cults section when I came accross a selected response concerning The West Memphis Three as they are called. It is the second one on the list which makes a statement about Wicca. As a former Wiccan I would like to see this account edited or removed as it both links Wicca with Satanism(which are entirely unrelated) and presents Wicca as something that is reason for doubt of character. Though the response did not slander Wicca directly it does not benefit the image of Wiccans who already get a bad rap from media such as the hit movie Th e Craft and Charmed. I don't want to sound like a self-made martyr but I would appreciate seeing this comment removed. Thanks a lot,

Hey, my name is Grant im a 13 y/o 7th grade student at Travis Middle School in Irving tx. I just wanted 2 tell u that your webstite has encouraged me and my friends 2 start actually biting each other literally and eating each other. We don't harm each other that badly i just wanted u 2 know that Tx has as many Psychos as u can think of so ckeck it out sometime. Also i wanted 2 say thanx for all you've done 4 me and my friends.

I have monitored this case during the past two years. I have viewed the documentary "Paradise Lost" many times. I have read the book "Blood of Innocents". Additionally, I have read all of the newspaper articles about the case that are available on the internet. Furthermore, I have also reviewed the official record numerous times. In my opinion, Damien Echols, Jesse Misskelley and Jason Baldwin commited the crimes for which they have been convicted. Nonetheless, certain prosecutorial and police errors may exist. However, that does not mean that Echols, et. al. are innocent of the crime.

A fact that their supporters don't like to discuss is that Misskelley gave a second confession soon after he was convicted. This confession was given in the presence of his attorney, Dan Stidham. In this confession, like his earlier confession, he implicates Echols and Baldwin. This eliminates any doubts about Echols, et. al.'s guilt that may arise from the charges that Misskelley's firtst confession was coerced. If his first confession was coerced, why did he give a second one, especially when you consider that the second one was given in his attorney's presence.

A Michigan man has a heated argument with his promiscuous wife about her infidelities. Their argument ends in a murder/suicide while there four children are present. I am the youngest of the four children an I'm looking for any information/publication or direction about a murder/suicide from January 1973 in Shelby Michigan of Francis Thompson an Sharon Thompson.

Guys, you need to cut the sick ass soundtrack. I understand you want the viewers to hear demented music while looking at demented individuals.

But it is stupid and disturbing, as if anyone is going to keep there speakers on while the shit repeats itself over and over. It's not funny, its dumb. Your site could do without it. And yeah I'm mad, you all have a good site going but then have to disturb it by playing sick ass crazy music.

It's enough to drive anyone to KILL. And you need to show the pictures of there damn victims. What good is it to read about there sick lives, we want to see what they did, or we can go elsewhere to other websites if you like

I love your website, but I'm looking for info on two female lesbian serial killers. Gwen Graham and Cathy Wood. They killed six elderly people in a nursing home they were employed in around 1981-82. Alpine Manor in Grand Rapids, MI.

First of all: I enjoyed your serial killer web page. Well written, well researched.

I'm from the Chicago area, and followed the latest John Gacy digging with some interest. The latest dig was not at his home site, but at an apartment building his mother lived at/owned from the mid '70's to her death. Gacy's own house was torn down in '79 because it had been made unstable from the search for bodies and evidence. The unattached garage, patio and brick BBQ were next. (I think 2 bodies were found in the garage floor.) Then, just in case there were more victims, the *entire lot* was excavated 5 feet down. Nothing more was found.

The latest dig (at mom's house) was conducted with fanfare from the local press, but turned up no bodies and no further evidence; unless an old saucepan is a vital clue... I'm not sure of the date (Thanksgiving time?) this was done, but the Chicago Tribune archives should have it.

Your site is incredible! You have done a fantasstic job with it. I've been a frequent visitor for over a year. There is always something on your site for me.

I'm looking for info on the Beane family in Scotland - they were cannibals that lived in a cave. I thought you sight might have something on them, but I couldn't find anything. If I missed the page, could you please direct me to where to go on your site to find any info....

This cult hasn't per se killed anyone directly. Yet at least five children, maybe more have died, in fires cause to neglect at the compound.

I have recentlty taken the job of News Editor at the local newspaper and having discovered allegations of: child abuse, mind control, voodoo practices, adultery, assault, and even death threats the leader made against his first family (in Michigan, he has since re-married - he no longer recognizies his first family).

These are just a few of the charges against this man, Luke Edwards, who refers to himself as the "Bishop."

There are also 118 child labor laws cases against him and a chapter 11 bankruptcy keeps him from having to pay a $650,000 civil suit filed against his mutli-million dollar industry, Reach, Inc.

He is also tied to Freemasonry and the Masonic Lodge in some way.

I would like you to add this evil man to your Archives.

You know that hitmen exist? However several of them are very successful killer but the mostly importantly is they are truly profiesonal killers. They are not alike as serial killers because serial killers are people who think they are doing right thing or doing for pleasure. They are just being what they think they are. Hitmen knew what they are doing.They knew that it is wrong to kill but they do it anyway for living by making money. Serial killers are often to has a problem like crime insane or disorders. I think you would be good at being research but hitmen are very hard to find. There are many elite hitmen around here present today.

I read and heard where someone said that mass murderers where middle age white males and not African Americans. Could this be because that they are called ( Boyzs in the hood ) instead of mass murderers, Whats the difference ? whether you kill 10 in a drive by or chop em up and put em in a freezer its still mass murder. I wouldn't want to sound racist or nothing, But lets get real

By God! It's about time someone took matters into there own hands!I believe the number of coperverts walking the streets today! I have 4 children, and Heaven help any sick m.f. who tries to hurt them! I say "Bravo" to this (wo)man doing this in Australia. At least someone has common sense enough to rid there country of sickos that prey on innocent children. I say burn 'em all! By the way, I loved your site! Excellent features. Really enjoyed the "On-The_run" segment.I am currently studying serial killers for an upcoming story I hope to have published in the future.Keep up the Informative work!!

I live in Miami and while lookingthrough your list of killers I have found that alot of killers flock to or from Florida ( Just an observation).I want to comment abou the Tamiami Trail Killer. I am actually a teachers aide at Sweetwater Elementary and delt with his oldest son and wife Carla, alot We had seen that there was something very wrong with the children and the wife was always coming around trying to help. Only once had I seen Rory and he seemed a typicall resident of Sweetwater. It had the school completely upside down when we found out who the Tamiami Trail strangler was. We now constantly worry abou the the two children and wonder whether they will be able to survive the abuse of his fathers infamy.

Back in may of 1981, My sisters best freind went missing from Vancouver British Columbia. It was proven by Olsen himself ,that he is the one that murder her. Olsen has written my sister letters about the crime. No body, no charges. Every year since her disappearance we have conducted a search for her remains, With no luck.Olsen is the sickest of sick. He thrives on the media attention. It is said to be believed that they think he has comitted up to 96 murders in his time. And to think the bastard wants to be released, He thinks 15 years is enough time to serve for all those kids lives. We use to have the book the olsen murders, only for the story on our friend. Not to support that bastard in any way. If you have any more information on this subject I would love to see what you have. My sister has a 4 inch binder on every thing she has found written about him , including his letters to her .

Sites great! What the hell do you do in your spare time? Soundtracks Fuck'n brilliant.


In Ames, Iowa in the spring of 1987 (I think) a Computer Science student at Iowa State University got annoyed with a professor and torched his house. The professor happened to be out of town at the time, but his family was home. The student cut the phone line and set fires at all of the house exits. I think a couple of the kids died. The student was quickly convicted of murder and is serving a life sentence, as far as I know.

I forgot the student's name, but I met him a couple of times. He was weird - he didn't talk, just smiled all the time.

Dear Sir or Madame:
I have been on this damn computer for one month and I have found nothing as beautiful, interesting, or entertaining as mayhem. The art, the layout, and all the information contained within are nothing short of genius. You have created something of true wonder, hosting a place, Thee Place, to go when in search of information or enjoyment or both... It's a damn shame that sites such as yours are not in the forefront of this electronic culture.

Or maybe I just like hearing "satan...satan...satan...satan" over and over again.

This would probably be a very disturbing sight to..well, most people but I am extremely fascinated and somewhat feel strangely close to these people. Jeffrey Dahmer was actually not a Satanist(even though he did blame the devil for his actions), he in fact wished to stay with God, and prayed quite often for the forgiveness of God and Jesus, believing only they could forgive him for all he's done. I forgive him, we all need it after all. So to the gruesome, cannabalistic soul that lives on forever in our minds and forever imprinted on the lips of all the cannibals world wide,(aka Jeffrey Dahmer) I salute you!!

Liked the web site and will put a link to it on my Police Supply Web Site. I would tend to disagree with the "conventional" FBI/Profile wisdom that most serial killers tend to be "Heterosexual". While many are, fags tend to be appear in VASTLY disproportionate numbers among serial/sex killers. Just a routine survey of your top 47 serial killers (20 or more) shows at least 18 or 38% were known fags. There were probably more. When you compare this with the realistic figures that fags are only about 1-2% of the male population (NOT 10-15%) we see that homosexuals are VASTLY disproportionately represented among sex offenders/killers. If you eliminate serial killings without sexual overtones it would probably be over 50%. I have always objected to the fact that we are teaching our investigators to generally look for "heterosexuals" in these cases. This is very misleading and overlooks the highly disproportionate numbers of fags involved in sex crimes & murders.

I have some questions concerning The Way International from New Knoxville, OH. I live in New Knoxville and am very concerned about The Way. Do you have any information on how dangerous this cult really is? Also do you know if the Gov't has done any investigating on The Way? Please send information which may have some concern to me and the town.

I am hoping that the traitors against the first ammendment and freedom of speech plan to spend some time in Juarez, where I hope they shall be gutted the like treasonous fur seals they are. If you have children, please put them up for adoption before your shitty personalities and idealogies turn these children into the next Gacy, Dahmer, Gaskins, and the like.

Dont expect the rest of the world to shelter your children or keep an eye on what they are doing because your too worthless to do so. Instill in them a sense of morality, explain things they come across that might leave a lasting impression, heh, be a fucken involved parent.

This site is the most entertaining and informative dealing with serial killers, mass murderers, cannibals, and other human monsters. Presented in a blunt, in your face, confrontational fashion. The layout and design used to present the material is artistic, yet remains formatted so that this does not interfer with the conveying of information.

My only complaint might be they have compromised detailing individuals in favor of coving more individuals... But who has the time to write 5 pages for all of these monsters?

I am looking for information regarding a serial killer, circa 1850s, in the United Kingdom. The party's name is Dr. William Parker. PBS ran a teleplay called The Life and Crimes of William Parker, stating that it was a true story and is reminiscent of the Michael Swango case.

The story goes that William Paker, an up and coming surgeon, marries a young innocent woman because of her beauty, because her family has money, and because of his ever increasing gambling debts.

Parker borrows enough money from his wife's neurotic mother to start up his practice, then begins gambling and suffers heavy losses. At the time, his wife became pregnant, but this fact did not slow down his gambling addiction. When his wife's mother falls ill, he and his wife request she move in with them. The mother in law does, and makes Parker's life a living hell with her neurotic ways. When the mother refuses to give up another cent to Parker, he kills her with an arsenic solution, but so not to draw suspicion, he gives her steady doses of the poison over several days.

When the mother dies, Parker finds that the woman was in debt. Now broke, but living in high fashion, Paker borrows more money from a bookie aquaintance, bets it and loses. He then invites the man to stay a while at his house, under the pretense of needing to go to the bank in the morning. He poisons the man, then revives him enough to make his stay longer, where he repeats the steady dose scenerio. The man dies and Paker takes the large sum of money from the bookie's money belt. When the bookie's family comes, he gives them a forger IOU for what he originally loss, which they are forced to pay. Parker had also obtained loans, based on his widowed mother's standing and wealth, with forged documents. When the lenders sent letters to Paker's mother for repayment, Paker would intercept and destroy the correspondence. Parker would then pay off the loans with the money from his victims, then renew the loan, but at a higher amount.

This was Parker mode of operation; meet and befriend someone with money, obtain loans, based on the other party's credit and standing, then slowly poison them over a period of time. Once the victim was declared dead (of apoplexy in some cases), Parker would take whatever money the victim had on his person, and went to the victim's family with forged IOUs.

After the Parker's gave birth to a son, Mrs. Parker became pregnant three times in rapid succession. Each time, not long after delivery (sometimes within days), the babies would die in the night. The second death occured a year to the exact day of the previous one.

Then one of Parker's older brother stated that he recently obtained an insurance policy and explained the regulations and stipulations of the policy. That information gave William Parker an idea. The first person who he coerced to sign an insurance policy was his wife, who signed and died under mysterious circumstances not long after. The second was the same brother who gave Parker the insurance policy information.

Not long after the death of his wife, Parker settled down with his maid (who he was having an affair with). Soon she became pregnant, and her child died mysteriously as well.

Parker's downfall came with his meeting a young man with a great deal of money at the stables where he kept his race horse. Seeing new money, Parker befriended the young man and joined in a seemingly legitimate racing venture (the innocent young man was unaware of Parker's habit of drugging the other horses before a race). Parker also began drawing large sums of money against the man's considerable credit. After a winning day at the track, the young man took Parker up on his offer of staying for dinner. Soon after, the man became very ill and Parker always seemed to have a remedy on hand. Parker went as far as calling the elderly doctor (who had been attending to the string of ill friends at the Parker residence) to prescribe medication for the ill youth, which Parker would pick up from the chemist later. Parker returned with a small tin of pills, complete with the elderly doctor's forged signature. The young man died a very painfull death.

The young man's step-father came to claim the body soon after. Sensing something was amiss, he asked to see his son's money belt and his betting ledger, to verify the man's winnings. The belt was empty and the book was never found. The father's suspicions rose when Parker presented the man with an IOU supposedly signed by his son. The father requested an autopsy by a doctor other than Parker.

In order to determine arsenic poisoning, the contents of the stomach had to be examined. Knowing one of the students who was assisting in the autopsy, Parker got the student drunk enough to drop the stomach, where it burst open, spilling the contents. Taking the remains of the internal organs to London for examination, the father was told that there were no drugs found. Still suspecting Parker, the father had him investigated and found the doctor to be leading a long list of dead bodies, all who were deemed to be at their peak of health just before their deaths. Being of like standing as the local officials, the father requested not only more of his son's organs be sent for analysis, but the exhumation of Parker's wife and brother. The brother's body was too decomposed to determine the cause of death, but the wife's body showed that all her internal organs were rich with arsenic. The son's liver showed only the barest trace of arsenic, but not enough to warrent an arrest. The father then talked the local officials into arresting Parker for the murder of his son, based on the minute trace of the poison.

Prior to Parker's arrest, William Parker was the star of his town. The moment he was escorted from his home in handcuffs, the entire town turned on him, now voicing their suspicions and screaming for his death.

Since the evidence was minimal, as well as circumstantial, the father found that the trace of arsenic could be explained away, and Parker had stated under oath, that he had no idea of how the poison got into his wife. Mostly because of his and his family's class standing, and Parker's continious denials of the charges, the father suspected Parker would be found not guilty of the murder charges. The father met with one of Parker's maids and the chemist, bribed them, and had them testify that Parker had not only bought arsenic, but requested information on lethal dosages and drug tracability. Parker openly stated that the testimony was a lie, and he, being a doctor, would have already known all the particulars about arsenic. Regardless, Parker was found guilty of the murder of the young man and sentenced to hang.

Parker's family and close friends sent pertitions to the heads of the government requesting his release based on a kangaroo court. Their attempts were made in vain, because Parker died at the gallows in 1855.

someone should kill the makerz of all those other web sitez saying that Rod Ferrell iz an ass or whatever, this waz the first site I've ever been to that had any really good material to read about him. Good job, (you might wanna throw some picturez on your site if at all possible, It would spice it up a bit, people will come more.

Do you need the most prolific mass murder cult in memory? Try Planned Parenthood. What an innocent sounding name for the slaughterers of more human lives than either Hitler or Stalin. They even use many of the same tactics used by these monsters. They make their victims seem to be non-human and unfeeling. They hide the truth behind what they do. Maybe worst of all, they profit from their muders with public approval. Killing for hire is not against the law if you have public opinion and popularity on your side.

Hi! I'm from Waco,TX, home of David Koresh, Kenneth Allen McDuff, and other anomilies. I'm writing in reference to one David Housler of Radcliffe Kentucky. he is featured on your mass murder page. I was wondering if you had any more info on Housler, such as a middle name or place of origin. If you had any files on him I would appreciate it if you could E- mailthem to me. I knew a David G. Housler from ft. Campbell, KY while I was in the Army. He may be my Wife's Ex-boyfriend.

While reading your hit list I noticed that you had just about every serial killer that ever lived but, I saw nothing about Stephen or Steven Peter Moran. He killed 8 or more women in Utah, Colorado and Texas. The reason I know about him is that he abducted a friend of mine (Pam Bishop Jackson) and held her for a number of days. He killed two women while she was held captive. One in Corpus Christi and one in San Antonio. Please if you can find any information on him I would like to see it on your site.

I have to agree that the site does glorify serial killers. I admit that I am myself fascinated by them and find it interesting to know what goes on in their minds. Some people may find it sick to have this interest but I don't find any interest in being a dentist or a surgeon, but I'm glad that some people do (because we need their expertise!) We have to know that these monsters are a product of our society and that is why I find that the t-shirts for sale and stuff like that are totally sick! I would never be proud of wearing serial killer shirt and wouldn't want to encourage their need for fame. But I do find it necessary that we try to comprehend the psychological and sociological aspects of these types of killings.

For me the real purpose of sites like these are for one, to understand the psychology and to know the latest news. Why? Let me tell you that a very good friend of mine was killed in Oregon 4 years ago and the police did nothing to find her and are still not doing much to find the killer. If we (the mother and I) had not got involved in the search, they wouldn't have found her! (she was found in a ravine, strangled to death...23 years old) And they always say that they can't make links between killings...well it's about time they do! So I'm searching to find different descriptions of killers and their victims to see if any could be linked with the murder of my friend. This is one of few sites that give you the latest news with descriptions of the suspect and what kind of victims were found and where.

So my suggestion is: keep up the good work (the content) and drop the glorifying crap (t-shirts, photos, etc.) We do have responsibilty as a society and the super individualist attitude ("if you don't like it, dont watch it...") is a one of the factors responsible for the creation of monsters like serial killers.

Can you tell me more information on Herb Baumeister. I have recently obtained friendship with his son and would like to know more about his past. I witness many aweful accounts of verbal abuse upon Herb's son Eric, and wish to defend him but cannot do so without facts of Eric's past. Eric is a very sweet boy and I do not want anyone to be of harm to him. I'm not looking to be his savior, simply doing reseach to stand by his side at times of need and offer words of advise and comfort.

Your site is wrong, but it's so right. I'm an artist living in Los Angeles and of Cuban descent also, when I found your site my mind was immediatley soothed by the cacophony of raw information and cutups provided, not to mention tumorous tracks, Quite a visual meal. I just wanted to voice my support. By the way I already bought a shirt and it's one of the many I wear to work that scares my co-workers.

I came across your site in search of information on a serial killer named George Russell. He was one of the few black serial killers to exist, and he committed his crimes on Mercer Island, a small town in Washington state. The crimes were committed in the late eighties or early nineties. I have read a book about George Russell, "Charmer" written by Jack Olsen, but I am interested in finding more info. Please pass on any information or tips on finding information that you have.

hello, i was wandering i you have ever haerd of or have any information pertaining to a serial killer named Ralph Nuss. Apparently he was a border at my grandmother's house in the late 60's and subsequently killed a few people in her house in Michigan. My family is fairly sketchy on the details due to the unsavory nature of the topic, but i discovered that one of the murder weapons, a large butcher knife, is still in use at my grandmother's house today!

I think it would be a good idea if you mentioned that the massacre by Thomas Hamilton in Dunblane Primary School, resulted in a total ban on all handguns in Britain. Originally only guns above .22 calibre were banned, but since Labour came to power, a total ban had been passed.

By the way, in you Serial Killer hitlist, in the case of those caught, could you put the punishment in the heading eg

Andrei Chikatilo (52+) - Firing Squad

Ted Bundy (22+) - Electric Chair

Peter Kurten (9) - Guillotine

Myra Hindley (9) - Life Without Parole

I think this would make your site better!

I have to say that you are sick for putting a site like this on the net. It seema like that you are on the murderers side instead of the victim. Threr are sick people in this world, and you are one of them. Take the fucking trash off. That type of material does not belong on the internet.

You seemed like as good a person to ask as any other, but the site was better, so luckily, I chose to ask you. To your knowledge, has there been any mass murderer or serial killer that has, well, how to put this......I cannot find any murders that are like those that are in horror movies. I cannot phrase it any better than that. The closest I have found would be that night Ted Bundy killed those women in two sorority houses, but still they were all sleeping at the time, and that is just not as.... dramatic. Do you understand? Can you tell me of any other murders, or sites, where i could find what I am looking for? So anyways, thank you and good bye.

I just wanted to add that the bite impressions they took from the Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jesse Lloyd Misskelley dont match the ones on the victims.

I'm writing to you because I noticed the artwork on this website and I think it's great. I am in a music group and I am very interested in using some of the artwork on the jacket of the album. I did notice the anti-copyright law as well. However, if the art was used, it would almost certainly have to be copyrighted by the record label. I would much rather the artist get credit for his/her work than a money hungry recording label. Please write me back when you find a chance.

Attention all SK-philes. This is a plea for help. For my thesis I am looking for an explanation as to why so many people become obssessed (even to the point of worship) with serial killers/mass murderers. Contact me at EE600730@ntu.ac.uk if you have any insights you're willing to share or points to discuss. Nay contributions at all will be helpful

The morning of June 18, 1990 started out as a normal one for me. I was unemployed and looking for work. I had a job interview that morning on the southside of Jacksonville, FL. I got breakfast and headed towards Baymeadows Road. It was a pleasant day, so pleasant I actually got lost. After backtracking and finally asking an Electric Company crew for directions, I drove toward my destination. I missed the driveway the first time I passed the building I was to be at. The next building was the GMAC Office. I turned in and circled through the parking lot. As I passed through, I looked at my watch. I thought to myself, "Is there enough time to drop off a resume here?" If I hadn't gotten lost, there would have been. I had to go to my scheduled appointment, but thought I would go back afterward. I never dreamed that I wouldn't have the chance.

As I drove out of the GMAC parking lot an old, faded green Pontiac 4-door was pulling in. A big black man was driving. As we passed, he glared at me. It was the kind of look a wild animal gives just before it attacks. I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I drove quickly out of the parking lot and across the street to my appointment. I had a real bad feeling about the man.

My interview went well and I left the building on my way to the GMAC office across the street. It was a scene I will never forget. The place was absolutely crawling with Police, Rescue, Helicopter Ambulances, you name it. The press wasn't there yet. I asked a bystander what was going on and was told of the massacre in the GMAC office. I felt my knees get weak. I sat down and tried to calm down. I would later find out just how close I came to being gunned down in cold blood. We were all detained while the emergency crews worked at the scene. We watched as stretcher after stretcher was rolled out of the building. 8 people would die that day.

I watched the news that night and they showed a picture of the killer and his car. It was the man in the Pontiac, mass murderer, James Edward Pough. Pough had already killed two people and went into the GMAC office within minutes after I saw him. I thank God to this day that I got lost that morning. I would have been one of the first to be gunned down in the lobby as Pough went on his rampage. He literally worked his way through the office methodically killing people. After he got done shooting the others, he turned a gun on himself and took his own life. It would be Pough's last violent act. An act of a madman.

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