I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your "Cults 'R Us" webpage. I'm working on a college research paper on cults (I'm trying to prove through my paper that most cults result from sexual repression by the leader and his want to fulfill these sexual desires (or suppress) these sexual desires by interpreting a religious doctrine alternatively. Well, I found your website extremely informative (the most informative cult page of all).

Hi! Great Site!
I'm doing a paper on the serial killer Phillip Jablonski, who went on a killing spree in April 1991 after being released from prison for killing his wife. Anyhow, I can't seem to find any sites with any information on him.... All I have is a book, "deadly urges" by Barry Bortnick. Although it is VERY informative, I need more. If you know of anything, please let me know!

I was very surprised and shocked to see this website. I feel that with all the crime in the world people should not have access to all the crazies out there.

This has been a most educational site. I am intrigued. I knew people were shit, but man just not so many. I am glad I found you and will continue to pull you up to keep learning more about these jackals and how to protect myself and my children. Peace!

i would like to point out that the so called mormon patriarch Lebaron (mentioned on your cult webpage) was not in fact a mormon. He was once a member of the church, but was excommunicated due to his beliefs in polygamy (which is not tolerated in the church). I. as a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint, do not like to hear someone as terrible as he is associated with the church. I did find your webpage extremely interesting however.

You might check on this: sometime from 1987-1991 in Birmingham, AL (or very nearby), a stockbroker named Herbert Kim Deneau killed his wife, two children the dog and then himself. Apparently the stock market trouble caught him napping. After he killed all of his family, word is he placed all the bodies in a walk-in closet, laid down beside them and snuffed himslf with a handgun. Try the newspaper in Birmingham or any correspondents you may have down there.

How do I know about it? I went to school with the guy and I asked about him at our last high school reunion in 1991. Everybody acted like I was a t--d in the punchbowl. WHOOPS !

People need to wise up and think individualy rather than collectively.I am sick unto nausea of people having the audacity to think themselves somehow worthier than all of the other organisms.The strong must always rule over the weak.Death is a natural process.So is killing.Man is a beast of prey this can be no different.The beast-man is a perfect animal the whining egalitarian is a monster.I support these killers although I dont always agree with their motivation.It is the beautiful act of Killing that has my love and admiration.Blessed Are The Strong Cursed Are The Weak!

Just a quick note to say well done for your fantastic 'Serial Killer' site. I am a psychology professional with the leisure-time hobby of serial killers. They fascinate me beyond belief, and your site was user friendly and very exciting to read. Although I already know about all the killers you mentioned, it was excellent reading. If you have any advice for me as to where I might find similar high quality material either on the net or by post then please let me know.

logged on to the morgue and found it a worthwhile source of news that the major media overlook. eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

Your pages are the best thing since happymeals! I have long been a huge fan of your pages, the internet crime archives and putrid afterthought, and I just finally looked at your anti copyright page. That is great! I am totally speechless! I could not agree more. I wish more people would understand this concept, I just emailed this link to some jerk-off that was bugging me about his gif.

Your art is supreme, and the wavs, they are soooo perfect, finally TRUE art on the web. Thank you so much for making your art available on the web!

Have you ever heard of or do you know anything on an alledged serial killer by the name of "Buddy" Hopper? He alledgedly killed 4 or 5 girls in 3 or 4 different states. My understanding is that he is Huntsville Prison. I am a good friend of one of the victim's family and would like to find out more on this guy. Thank you!


I was browsing your site for info regarding the 'thugs' that roamed Indian countryside for hundreds of years. I have no idea how many people they killed but one of them was sentenced for having strangled 931 persons! That should make them eligible for an entry I'd say. Anyway your site was really interesting (in a morbid kind of way) and I got stuck for quite a while.

who are these thugs???

Apparently devotees to the godess Kali (godess of death) this sect robbed and killed merchants on the Indian highways from around 1500 to the 1850's, when the English made an effort and got rid of them. Traditionally they strangled their victims using a yellow and white piece of cloth called a 'ruhmal'.

What do you have on David Leonard Wood on death row in Texas. Convicted in 1992 of killing six women and burying them in the desert Northeast of El Paso, Texas. Known as the 1987 Northeast "Desert Deaths".

Your site should be required reading! The more people are made aware of the dangerous sickos lurking around every corner the less likely they are to become a victim. For those who scream "foul" "gross" ect. and call for the censoring of your page. I can only say "Welcome to the real world" and "Sorry about your luck" for having to live in it. Knowledge is power and sticking your head in the sand only leaves your ass hanging out. Keep up the good work!

JB - Correctional Officer

I was just perusing your site and read some of the e-mail you've had in the past. Some people just don't get it.We pay millions of dollars a year to be scared out of our minds at the movies or in literature or even in the music realm. The comments from some people about the depravity of the content should probably check their bookshelves for any Steven King or Anne Rice, or ,God help us, Clive Barker. The point is, these people do not have a problem with horror, they have a problem with reality. The truth truly is scarier than fiction, my friend. I went ot the sight knowing the content, if people are not interested in the brutal reality of some of our fellow people, they should stop typing "KEYWORD(S)= CULTS MURDER MAYHEM"

you fucking commie bastards, I am going to kill you all. I'm going to rip your hearts out with refrigerated spoons and then shove them up you ass!! i'm going to cut off your dick and sew it in your mouth.

have a nice day

It's amazing that people don't seem to notice a bad situation until people are dead or injured. It's kinda like putting the traffic lights on the bad intersection AFTER there was a fatal accident. We are appalled when we see cults like the Heavens Gate people end up dead in essence dying for a cause that seems absolutely ridiculous. The Heavens Gate Cult felt they were justified in what they did and thats their right.

But what about the thousands of people who have died in the WT organization( Jehovah's Witnesses) over the last fifty years for their crazy stands on their medical\religious views. Just because the WT organization is not in the news every day does not mean the problem does not exist. The subtleness of the situation makes it even more of a crime. The medical viewpoints of the WT organization are just as bizzare as the Heavens Gates Cult but since the news sources don't see a obvious body count they stay away from them. Hopefully this situation that took place in San Diego will peak peoples interest up on the dangers of cults Jehovah's Witnesses have been behaving like the Heavens Gates people for years, it's a shame the right people haven't noticed.

Since its beginning, the Watchtower Society locally known as Jehovah's Witnesses has issued several policies regarding certain established medical treatments. In the 1930's, the Watchtower Society began attacking the issue of smallpox vaccinations. In the May 1, 1929 issue of the magazine, The Golden Age, the Watchtower stated, "Thinking people would rather have smallpox than vaccination, because the latter sows seeds of syphilis, cancers, eczema, erysipelas, scrofula, consumption, even leprosy and many other loathsome affections. Hence the practice of vaccinations is a crime, an outrage, and a delusion" (p. 502).

Several years later, Witnesses were told that vaccinations were against God's law. This was based on their interpretation of Genesis 9:4, "You shall not eat flesh with its life, that is, the blood."

As one can imagine, this policy caused quite a problem for Witnesses who needed vaccinations to enter school or to enter the country. In order to circumvent this problem, the Witnesses would simply have a Jehovah's Witness doctor give them a certificate without ever having the vaccinations. In some cases, doctors would even simulate vaccinations on children by the use of acid (Witnesses of Jehovah, p.178).

However, in 1952, the Watchtower reversed its policy by stating that, "The matter of vaccinations is one for the individual that has to face it to decide for himself" (The Watchtower, Dec. 15, 1952, p.764).

For the next several years, all was fairly quiet on the medical front for Witnesses until 1967. In that year, Witnesses were told that organ transplants were a form of cannibalism!

In the November 15, 1967 Watchtower, Witnesses were told that those who submit to organ transplants were "...living off the flesh of another human. That is cannibalism... Jehovah God did not grant permission for humans to try to perpetrate their lives by cannibalistically taking into their bodies human flesh, whether chewed or in the form of whole organs or body parts taken from others" (pp. 702-704).

Nevertheless, this policy, too, was reversed. In the March 25, 1980 issue of the Watchtower, they stated, "It may be argued, too, that organ transplants are different from cannibalism since the 'donor' is not killed to supply food..., there is no Biblical command pointedly forbidding the taking in of other human tissue" (p.31). The article concluded by stating that it was a matter of individual conscience.

Once again, "God" had changed his mind, but at what price? How many Witnesses lives were destroyed between 1967 and 1980 because of a ruling by an autocratic body of men?

Presently, the same tragedy is happening all over again as Witnesses are constantly being admonished to refuse blood transfusions. Will the Governing Body once again reverse the policy? Will "God" once again change his mind?

Probably, but only after hundreds, if not thousands, of Witnesses lose their lives.

This information comes from a religion that years ago said this about the medical profession.

"We do well to bear in mind that among the drugs, serums, vaccines, surgical operations, etc., of the medical profession, there is nothing of value save an occasional surgical procedure. . . . Readers of The Golden Age_ know the unpleasant truth about the clergy; they should also know the truth about the medical profession, which sprang from the same demon worshipping shamans (doctor priests) as did the 'doctors of divinity.'" - The Watchtower Society's magazine _The Golden Age_ (now _Awake!_) Aug 5, 1931 pp. 727-728.
I have recently heard many rumors that ex-Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain was indeed a member of a Satanic cult. Personally, I do not believe this accusation, but it got me to thinking.... would it be possible to put a list out on your webpage that would reveal any rock groups or singers that have affiliations with or are involved in any cults? That would be a very interesting thing for my age group to see (im 18). A lot of rumors abound as to whether or not many hard rock groups (e.g. pantera, megedeth..) as well as alternative groups are involved in anything such as Satanism or some other wierd type of cult.

Your site is fabulous. I have been reading about Serial Killers for years and now realize that I have only scratched the tip of the iceburg. Keep up the good work, there are really people out here who appreciate everything you are doing.

Hi, I am doing a report on leadership and I was going to discuss several leaders and how effective they were and how they led, as well as other traits and characteristics they possessed as leaders. I will write on such leaders as: JFK, Bobby Knight, Hitler, and the one that brings me to you.....Charles Manson. I need to know what you would say about Charles Manson as a leader (from the things I have listed above and/or whatever you'd say of him as a leader). I would appreciate it if you could take a few moments to comment. I'm a senior in college and this is the last report I will ever do, so I want to make it a good one.

Hi we are trying to figure out who was the District Attorney that prosicuted Albert Henry De Salvo alias the "Boston Strangler" please send any info to my email address denise@jnetinc.com thank you

please send me information regarding the third victim of the perth serial killer (Ciara Glennon). She was a friend and a traveling partner of mine for over a month, throughout Turkey,Israel & Jordan.

JM: Society today is warped as it is without you putting this neo-NAZI cannibal garbage on the net. Children are reading this and are influenced by the sickos that you display. You have no soul.

MAYHEM: so who died and made YOU the arbiter of good taste?

JM: The constitution. You cannot pass this sh-- off for good fun or education because this doesn't need to be learned or established. Congratulations SATAN!

I highly recommend that you include Jehovah's Witnesses on your site. Due to their shunning policy, wacky changing interpretations of bible scripture and mind control tactics, they are a cult, just as much as, say the moonies are.

Due to their blood policy, more people have died as a result of their weird doctrine than Say, jim Jones Peoples temple.

i dont understand how can you talk about violence without know the real meaning of this word, if you want to know the true meaning of violence i invite to you to my country where the indifference of your goverment besides of the millions of drug addicts from U.S brings a road of death to colombia. Each day militaries, civilians and why not, guerrilla's members are kill and slayered thanks to drugs'business. And speaking properly of your page,m your are forgetting a colombian mass killer, his name is Campo Elias who have been killed at least 27 persons in a fancy restaurant in Bogota on December 1986

Cannibalism is the summit of the serial killer's career. They need something more than mere death - sadism and necrophilia. Then comes vampirism - drinking the blood - and smearing the blood on their bodies. What is left? Only to eat the flesh. This is the highest form of criminal behaviour.

i am a former police reporter from houston. you have dean corll listed as the "candyman killer." that is incorrect. the "candyman" was ronald clark o'brian, who gained that title for putting cyanide in children's pixie sticks for halloween "trick or treating." o'brian was executied for his crimes in huntsville, texas. both killers were from houston and preyed on young boys, so i can see your confusion (or at least the confusion of the source your got the info from).

also, if you are going to list dean corll, don't forget david owen brooks, as well as elmer wayne henley, as both "worked" for him in his grisly endeavors. i was one of the first police reporters on-the-scene...not only at the "boat shed" in pasadena, but high island, galveston, as well. believe me, this was by far, the worst thing i ever covered in 27 years as a reporter.

I've noticed that in the last few years most killer cults are springing from persons who are offspring of the Mormon churches or the Adventism type churches, and that would include Jehovah's Witnesses and the Bible Students.

I don't know if you're aware of the bodycount that some "mainstream" denominations have inflicted on their members, such as Christian Scientists and Jehovah's Witnesses because of their requirements to refuse medical treatments or certain forms of medical treatments. I suspect it eclipses that of Jonestown.

I saw someone email you about the House of Yaweh cult that the person erroneously said was in Abilene. There is a small branch in Abilene, but the main "compound" is in Clyde. This group may be the next one to erupt. I lived in Abilene for several years and know personally someone who belongs to the "church". He was working in the same office as myself and then one day, up and left and told everyone that "God was coming, and we have to prepare". He never returned. I have seen him a couple of times, but haven't talked about the God thing. He is a very smart person and a usually sane thinker. I know that when they work, they give most, if not all their earnings to the "church", and when they have a problem, car problems, house problems, the "church" helps them. I have heard that their "compound" is heavily guarded and that outsiders are "encouraged" to stay away. This group may deserve some investigation.

You people are really freaks! Do you know that? Are you trying to make this cult thing a good thing or something?? We don't understand! Please tell us!

When I lived in an inner city hospital district in Ft Worth, TX. Some of the many Hookers that worked around that area said there was a serial killer, that preyed on prostitutes, lurking around the area, this would have been around 1989 thru at least 1991. I watched and never saw anything about this in the news, Ft Worth is very public relations conscious. The Police in Ft Worth, especially that area, are very corrupt and dishonest, perhaps there is a connection to the OKC killer, OKC is not a very long drive from the DFW area.


I was just browsing through your Crime Archives, and I must say, that while your facts and information are shockingly accurate, I find your narrative quite disturbing. I'm not trying to be a tight-assed 'Censor the Internet' bitch, but some of the terms you use in your documents and the way you casually mention killings kind of make me wonder whose side you're on! I am genuinely curious, and I do think your coverage is great. The public SHOULD know about the kind of sick fuckers that are running around slaying people for no reason. But are you actually trying to write from the killers' point of view, do you actually support these sickos, or is it a spoof on the media and their diligent efforts to drag anything through the mud that they can?

I am looking for information about a sect that operates in Venezuela under the name of "CILDREN's of GOD" or "GOD'S CHILDREN", please can you help me find about them ? ?

Where are the "Audio snippets that will give you nightmares" according to Newsweek? I couldn't find them.

I am requesting feedback pending on the whereabouts of David Koresh (Vernon Powell) at the present date--knowing all to well that he did not parish in the April 19th destruction of the compound he headed in Waco. The FBI reports that he died of a bullet wound in the head---his body found in a control room---not strapped to a cross in the sanctuary like anyone believing he was the messiah..

i personally feel that you have the most intresting site on the web. being a frequent visitor, i was quite shocked to discover that the web page isn't fully loading and that the scrolling links on the page were not accessable. i use the netscape browser and it has never had any problem accessing your page in its entirety, until now. if your server has run-amok, or the "right-wing facists" of the U.S. government have made things hard for you please let me know.

Hi. I am just writing to tell you that your site is magnificent. I am an 18 year old girl and sometimes there is a monster inside me. Other times a child and a cat. I have been evaluated many times and judged to be insane.

I am pleased to see you included information on the "West Memphis Satanist". Do you know of an address where I can write to Jason Baldwin or Damien Wayne Echols? I would be very grateful if you could give me any information on the case.

I too, at one point, believed that I was the product of aliens inseminating my mother and that I had some sort of purpose for being stuck on this little planet. All the violence is a sign that the Christian Reich is coming to an end and better things are to follow. Keep up the good work and e-mail me with anything you can find on Baldwin, Echols, the killings, etc.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want,
He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quite waters,
he restores my soul,
He guides me in pathhs of righteousness for his name's sake,
Even though I walk through the shhadow of death,
I fear no evil,
for you are with me,
your rod and your staff,
they comfort me,
you prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies,
you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows,
surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.

God help you all.

I would just like to say how impressed I am with the thoroughness of your website. I discovered it by accident a few nights ago and bookmarked it on the spot. Nowhere else have I seen such a complete listing of violent criminals

. That said, I do have a few comments.

1) Has anyone ever researched the link between Serial Killers and Biblical quotes? It seems as if an awful lot of SK's are fond of quoting the Holy Scripture.

2) Though I was very impressed with your bio's of Serial Killers, I was a bit disappointed to see that Jack the Ripper only received a meager paragraph. Yes, he is somewhat tame compared to today's mass killers, but he WAS the "founder" of serial killing. Sorry, just a minor nitpick from a Ripper afficionado.

3) Some form of search engine would greatly improve this site. Those files are just too long to scan through when you're looking for someone specific.

All in all, though, it's a very good site for criminal research, with a nice blend of dark humor to keep it from reading like a police file. Keep up the good (although admittedly twisted) work!

What currently is happening to Elizabeth Diane Downs who shot her 3 children, killing 1 and maiming 2? What prison is she in? How are her kids coping? (I understand the prosecutor adopted them)

I was noticing that you didn't have Ohio's serial killer, Tom Dillon on your list. He was sentenced a few years ago and was known as the Sportman's serial killer. It is also thought that he is the U.S.'s largest serial arsonist. I know the attorney that worked on this case and I also have met Dillon so if you want more information, and the attorney says it's OK. let me know.

Great job! As a true crime/serial killer armchair investigator, this is food for the eyes. BTW, keep the sound. Don't let the skeemish rule your page...afterall, they chose to listen. If they don't like it, don't listen right? Maybe you can put a warning flag to alert the light of heart...that way no one has a right to complain.

Hi there.  I love this page to a point which is 
almost unhealthy.  Anyway, call me Aries.  I live in
Boston MA, and during the past year there was a most 
gruesome murder.  I don't have all the details, but 
basically a girl was murdered and her body cut in half.
The two halves were left in dumpsters on opposite sides
of town.  One suspect was John McSweeney (aka John
Zewizz), the leader of a local band called Sleep Chamber.
McSweeney was fingered by some of his neighbors, who
had reported strange behavior from the guy.  His music
was chock full of references to S&M sex and ritual magick.
He was (is) a heroin addict who was rumored to keep human
bones in his apartment.  Eventually the heat was taken 
off the dude.  He may be a psycho but he never killed anyone.

If you folks are looking for some scary, nightmare- inducing instrumental tracks for the page or your own personal listening pleasure, I recommend checking out a Sleep Chamber CD or 2. Start with the one called "Sacrosanct." C'mon, let's help ol' John get back on his feet. I know the guy and he's pretty down to earth. Well, that's all for now.

Let me first comment you on an excellent, informative and up to date site. I saw a listing for it in Newsweek and checked it out first thing Monday morning. In retrospect perhaps it wasn't the best breakfast reading but hey, live and learn.

My suggestion is about the Andrei Chikatilo section. You may want to mention that Chikatilo was the subject of an *excellent* made-for-HBO movie called "Citizen X". Donald Sutherland was in it and, in a big career move for him, didn't play the freaky killer. The movie was a gripping portrayal of Chikatilo (many freaky, freaky scenes) and also did a very nice job of showing the difficulty, faced by the investigator, of proving to the Soviets that they had a serial killer. I guess serial killers were seen as a result of Western decadence so how could Mother Russia spawn such a beastie. Anyway, I highly recommend it, take it as you may.

Do you ever wonder if serial killers read this page? Are there pale, tormented men in cities all over the world who dial your material up and look at it? Does it help them remember the little details, the smallest cuts and cries of their victims?

I am really impressed with your homepage. Personally, I didn't know so many freaky cults existed. I'm really interested in cults at the moment as the 'Heavens Gate' cult has just mass suicided. I have just been into their homepage, and it stated that they didn't want to suicide as they needed to protect their bodies for as long as possible. Why did they do it then?

I saw your web sight after reading Newsweek magazine. I guess I don't see the point of glamourizing and sensationalizing the horrific acts of these freaks. It's sites like these that give the internet a bad name. I truly believe in the first amendment of the US Constitution, but there has got to be a limit. I will tell everyone I know just how deplorable you are.

In your collection of monsters, I'm suprised that Gert van Rooyen, a local Pretoria murderous paedophilic son-of-a-bitch isn't mentioned. He kidnapped, sexually abused, then probably murdered 6 young teenage girls before offing himself and his mistress, Joey Haarhof with a 357, when the local clumpies closed in on him after a car chase.

I saw you web page on cults, and I feel you are missing the number one cult (in terms of victims) of all times. That would be the Jehovah Witnesses. The 900+ figure you listed for jonestown pales in comparison to how many have died because of their refusal to take blood transfusions, and I would have to say that this issue is "cult suicide".

This is the best total crime information resource I have ever seen in any medium. Your research is impeccable, the creativity you embellish it with stunning, and your knowledge is to be commended. I am nothing less than totally impressed, and I am a long-time true-crime buff!

Pages are very well done. You do however beleive the Feeb Keystone Profilers and you really ought to call it the Multiple Killer page. You mix in your morgue and less so in your list Serial, Mass, Domestics, and Desparados ( those who kill as part of other criminal activity). Your numbers are the high sensational ones. Bruno Ludke has 86 confirmed and identified victims. Anything above that is lies like Toole or guesswork and hype. Still they are great and informitive pages. Why are you doing it?

Some organization is doing some heavy metaprogramming timed to the comet.

Right on schedule for April 19 (as in Waco and Oklahoma Federal building)? Look for CIA fronts to issue major statements on the Higher Source suicides (murders?), as they did with Waco, and for the feds to use of this as a pretext for major new repressive actions. Is the CIA behind this one, like it was with Jonestown?

Some stations are already showing Waco scenes (blame the victim). CNN just had psychiatrist David Halperin saying the "cult" had a "paramilitary, cult-like quality." Halperin (David A. Halperin, M.D., F.A.P.A., Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York) is a director of the American Family Foundation (http://www.xenu.org/factnet/AFF/FILES/P-P.TXT), whose Research Advisory Committee includes Louis J. West. M.D., Professor of Psychiatry. UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, the CIA's top mind control expert and the psychiatrist called in to interrogate McVeigh.

"Mind control expert" Jim Siegelman on CNN Thursday morning said this a result of "information disease" and a "high-tech religious hybrid" resulting from "spiritual predators on the World Wide Web." Seeking justification to control the Web?

See the Higher Source Web site at Higher Source. Note triangle logo (purple death shroud). What does the grid represent? Note the comet and UFOs objects.

I interviewed Robert Rich (owner of 1-800-HARMONY and 1-800-U.S. Search of Beverly Hills) and his publicist, Lilly Unger, last night. Rich was a Higher Source client and was asked by them to put their Web sites on his computer. Other clients include "Pre-Madonna" CDs, the San Diego Polo Club, British Masters (hmm...), Keep the Faith, Kushner-Locke film production company, 1800 Harmony, and Samia Rose Topiary. Are those companies thematically tied in with their esoteric beliefs?

Rich said the higher source group asked him to explain to people what they are about," but he couldn't talk because of an ongoing investigation. Unger said the Higher Source people believed they were space aliens on their way to another plane (Sirius, if they're tied in with Solar Temple) and dressed as sexless monks.

Higher Source is connected to Solar Temple, according to an Art Bell guest tonight who is a P.I. for a parent and former Special Forces guy. Solar Temple has had 74 suicides (murders?) so far in Switzerland, France, and Quebec. It believes members will ascend to Sirius. The Quebec suicides (murders?) occured on March 22, the closest approach of Hale Bopp in the Americas. Higher Sources suicides (murders?) may have occured at the same time.

Mass apocalyptic programming tied in with comet to be explored:

- Sirius 19.5 degree alignment with Hale Bopp perihelion (Hoagland)

- Possible Solar Temple events on April 1 (Hale Bopp perihelion)

- Triangular purple shroud on bodies - triangle logo on Web site - pyramids - triangular UFOs

- San Diego - SAIC - CIA - remote viewing - Dames - plant pathogens

- Dames - plant pathogens - Hale-Bopp - genocide

- Robert Morning Sky - Hale Bopp - The Purifier - "oven-cleaned" - Nazi-style genocide

- Sirius - Solar Temple - Sheldon Nidle (leader of another bizarre apocalyptic cult, who preaches that people in 30 major coastal cities around the world will disappear and reappear underground in a holographic simulation -- perfect cover for group suicide)

- Mayan Apocalypse - Arguelles

Any other leads? Suggestions?

Organization: Pragmatronics inc.
X-Mailer: Mozilla 3.01 (Win95; I)
MIME-Version: 1.0
To: elvision@mayhem.net
Subject: New candidates?

EST-Landmark Forum, Scientology and the american buddhists (whose national "leader", Tendzin knowingly spread HIV anmong men & women in Boulder & USA. He refused to resign for a long time, essentially until his death from AIDS.)

What about THIERRY PAULIN, our beloved "old ladies killer"? This guy was black and gay, his hair dyed platinum blonde. He tortured and murdered more than 20 old ladies in Paris, in the 90's. I think he deserves at least an entry on your site!

I am searching for more info on a mass murderer that is for some reason not in your list. David flood killed his entire family in whitehall township, Pa. He killed his wife, daughter and boyfriend and also his son.Not sure of the dates it was maybe four or five years ago. He did time pending transfer for final sentence in graterford prison which is in the vacinity of allentown or philly. If you can find out anything about this man let email me...The daughter this psycho killed was my friend...If they ever let him out he will be delt with.

I was browsing over your site again and the first entry I read was on Bobby Joe Long. Reading that Long had suffered a head injury triggered my memory. Many serial killers have suffered head injuries. Just off the top of my head, I remember that Ted Bundy, Ken Bianchi, John Wayne Gacy, Carlton Gary, Earle Nelson and Henry Lee Lucas all suffered terrible head injuries. In fact, Lucas was beaten on the head so much by his psychotic mother that it is surprising that he lived at all. It makes you wonder. There are probably thousands of violent offenders in the annals of crime who suffered debilating head injuries. Combine that with the typical childhood of a serial killer, the malnourishment, physical abuse, emotional torment, and maybe you have a recipe for a killer.

I have always felt that some killers are born killers and others are made killers. Ted Bundy would have killed scores of women, head injury, tragic childhood or not. But when you read the accounts of people like Lucas and Long, and hear their descriptions of the inability to stop themselves, and the buzzing, unreal thoughts in their heads, you cannot help but think these men had synapses that weren't quite connecting.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it's no excuse. I know many people, mainly talk-show guests, have been knocked out by two-by-fours, starved, raped and humiliated, and by God, they didn't turn into killers. But I feel it's an interesting link and I wish correctional facilities and courts would pull their heads out of their asses and start to investigate ways of identifying these killers and treating them. Lock them up and throw away the key, but study them and figure out a way to understand what has happened to their brains. It will cost my home state of Texas millions and millions of dollars to kill Henry Lee Lucas. Save some money, lock him in a secluded cell, and hook him up to an EEG.

I was looking through your page when I decided that your page has to be the sickest thing I've ever seen. But that's just my opinion

Mass murder is not the problem. Percentage wise the chances of this happening to an individual is less than that same individuals possibility of say winning the lottery or floating a helium balloon and having it pop in midair to land on your grandmothers outside tv antenna 600 miles away.

The chance that a young black male will kill you at knife point for pocket change (and just plain sport) is about 30,000 times greater than your chances of being victim of a mass murder. I carry a 454 cassul for the young black bucks. I do not worry about some young white male assaulting me in a random and seldom white rage.

I don't understand how you could take something as twisted a cults and cannibalism and turn it into a page. Innocent people's lives have been effected by these repulsive excuses for human beings. By producing this web page you are only fascinating young minds. I would like to ask you what you think of those porn pages and if you would want children looking at that? This is worse because it seems like you're encouraging it. What are you people???!!!!

Why do you call so many murderers satanist arbitrarily. Saying they are satinists perpetuates a false christian myth that these killers are fundamentally different from ourselves and under the control of the supernatural. This myth does not help.

Beyond this critisizm, I am grateful for the information you provided. This topic must be aired to prevent and head off any future occurances of this type. Drop the myth and stick to the facts and we will all be thankful for your work.

sorry guys, but you've got Shorty Shea murder all wrong. He was not dismembered or even beheadded for that matter. When tha police did eventually find his body with the help of Steve Grogan, one of the family boys who was also given the death sentance, then given life and now released, sheah was fully intact. Please check out all your info before many people get their info from you!!!!

Sue Graham, former member.

Subject: Lies on your NWO page

It is interesting how you masonic-New-World-Order freaks like to brainwash your public at every step. The putting of McVeigh and Nicholls at the head of serial killers list, although their guilt is no more proven then yours (for the same act), is quite a paradigmatic.


I wanted to comment on the entry you have on Arthur Shawcross. While Shawcross did serve time in Vietnam, it was revealed that he never saw the action he claimed to have seen. He could never name a single fellow soldier or officer when questioned about his exploits. In fact, he had a lot of difficulty keeping his stories straight(was it a Vietcong breast that he roasted or a piece of thigh...Artie never remembered what he had said previously). Add all this to the fact that most of the human abuses he claimed to have perpetrated were impossible(you cannot blow a woman's head off by inserting and turning on a fire hose in her vagina) all you end up with is a pathetic low-IQ loser who tried to justify his murderous desires on non-existent events. Also, while it is clear that his mother was a cast iron bitch, it is unlikely that she ever abused him sexually.

Once again, Artie couldn't remember who it was who violated him with a broom. He said that an aunt seduced him while very young, and that he became unhinged after having sex with his own sister. Not only is all of this unlikely, but investigators couldn't find an aunt in his family with the name of his supposed offender and his sister can't recall a single sexual incident between the two. The only reason I share all of this with you is that Arthur Shawcross is one of the most disgusting serial killers of whom I have knowledge, and I have knowledge of a lot, and it sets my teeth on edge that he tries to excuse his crimes with non-existent problems. It is a blow to all of the poor people who really suffer from PTSD and sexual abuse.

After all of that criticism, I have to thank you on your entry about Mary Bell. I read about her briefly in MURDER CAN BE FUN and this is the first entry I have found about her anywhere. I am impressed with your encyclopedic knowledge of killers and appreciate your thoroughness.

As a side note, I expect that you receive a lot of hate mail from people. While I can understand that this might not be everyone's cup of tea, it's a valuable reference site for people like me. I'm trying to work on a Masters in Behaviorial Psychology and while I thought that I knew a lot about killers, there are names on your site I have never heard of, and this at least gives me a chance to learn more about their background more in depth elsewhere. There may be a lot of fundamentalists or victims groups who are offended by this, but there are people with a scholarly interest who appreciate the site.

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