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February 26, 2001 - David Edward Mattias - Authorities in Northern California have charged college freshman David Edward Attias with four counts of murder for intentionally ramming his black Saab into a crowd of UC Santa Barbara students, killing four people. The victims were UC Santa Barbara sophomore Nicholas Shaw Bourdakis, 20, of Alamo; Santa Barbara City College student Ruth Dasha Golda Levy, 20, of San Francisco; her visiting brother's roommate, Elie Israel, 27, of San Francisco; and Christopher Edward Divis, 20, of San Diego County. A fifth person was wounded and nine cars were struck.

Witnesses said that after killing the pedestrians, a highly volatile Attias paced through the site of the accident shouting, "I am the Angel of Death". According to 25-year-old Sevan Matossian who filmed the mayhem, Attias was "swinging at people and yelling and bouncing around like he was a boxer... It looked like he was on something." Attias, 18, is the son TV director Daniel Attias. His mother, Diana Attias, is a book editor.

At his dormitory the suspect was referred to as "Crazy Dave" and "Tweaker". The night before the carnage, Attias allegedly burst into the room of a female student and said, "God is speaking to me. Life is a game, and you only make it if you're beautiful and rich... I'm a virgin, and I need to have sex right now."

February 26, 2001 - Peter Aguon Maguadog - A gunman fatally shot his estranged wife and another woman at a medical clinic oin Guam before being mortally wounded by police. Four others were wounded. Peter Aguon Maguadog, 44, was armed with two handguns as he made his way through the Seventh Day Adventist Clinic, where his wife worked as a nurse. The couple was divorcing, and a restraining order barred Maguadog from coming within 500 feet of his wife. More than 100 people, including children, were in the building when the gunfire erupted. Maguadog appeared to have singled out only his wife and had shot the others at random.

February 23, 2001 - Jose Juarez Rosales - Police in Dallas have arrested a man who Mexican authorities suspect may be a possible serial killer preying on young women in Ciudad Juárez. The suspect, 24-year-old Jose Juarez Rosales, is believed to be responsible for multiple kidnappings, rapes and killings in Ciudad Juarez, where more than 200 women have been killed since 1993.

February 23, 2001 - Kristen Gilbert - In closing arguments prosecutors said serial nurse Kristen Gilbert used the "perfect poison" to kill four patients at the Massachusetts veterans hospital where she worked. "These seven victims were veterans," Assistant U.S. Attorney Ariane Vuono told jurors. "They were vulnerable. They were the perfect victims. When Kristen Gilbert killed them, she used the perfect poison." Gilbert could get the death penalty if convicted of first-degree murder, even though Massachusetts banned capital punishment in 1984. The case is being tried in federal court because the alleged crimes took place on federal property at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Northampton.

February 23, 2001 - Michael McDermott - "Dot Com Killer" Michael McDermott was arraigned in a Massachusetts court room as newly released documents showed that he had been stockpiling weapons and ammunition before his workplace rampage. McDermott, 42, allegedly used a semiautomatic rifle and a 12-gauge shotgun to gun down seven of his Edgewater Technology co-workers because he was angry that the government wanted to company to withhold part of his wages to pay back taxes.

February 22, 2001 - Craig Godineaux - A man was sentenced to five consecutive life terms without parole for his role in the murders of five workers in a holdup at a Wendy's restaurant in Queens. "I know my apologies to the families will never bring their loved ones back," he said. "I do deserve what I get. I don't expect nobody to accept my apology."

February 6, 2001 - Anthony Smith - A former Army warrant officer in the Scottish army is believed to have shot dead his two young children, his wife and then himself. Police broke into the family house after they were alerted by concerned friends and discovered the lifeless bodies of bodies of former sergeant-major Anthony Smith, his wife Kay, who was in her 30s, and their two children Adam, five, and Gemma, three. Smith is thought to have killed his family with a shotgun at their home in Camberley, Surrey. Police Superintendent John Beavis said: "We have no reason at this stage to believe anyone else was involved and it is likely that we are investigating three murders and a suicide."

February 5, 2001 - Five Dead in Chicago - An armed man shot and killed at least five people at a truck engine plant outside Chicago. The killings took place at a Navistar plant in Melrose Park, about 15 miles from downtown Chicago. About 1,400 people were working at the plant at the time of the shooting.

February 5, 2001 - David Mulcahy - British serial sex killer David Mulcahy was given three life sentences for murdering three women. He also received 24-year jail terms on each of seven counts of rape and 18 years each for five conspiracies to rape, to run concurrently. In short, Mulcahy, 41, was convicted after his childhood friend, John Duffy, spent 14 days in the witness box cataloguing their rape and murder scheme. According to Duffy during the 1980s the pair went on "hunting parties" searching for women.

February 3, 2001 - Wesley Howard Shermantine - The Santa Clara County jury pondering the fate of suspected serial killer Wesley Howard Shermantine asked for the rereading of testimony given by his mother-in-law, who said she heard Shermantine confess he saw the bodies of two men he is accused of killing. Shermantine faces first-degree murder charges in the 1984 shotgun killings of Howard King, 35, and Paul Cavanaugh, 31, who were found dead on Daggett Road off Highway 4. Prosecutors theorize he killed the pair as part of his search for "the ultimate kill".

February 2, 2001 - Timothy McVeigh - The U.S. government is sending out 1,100 letters to people asking if they want to attend the May 16 execution of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. McVeigh is set to die by injection at the federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana. Eight seats in the death chamber are open to victims, but that number could expand, U.S. Bureau of Prisons spokesman Dan Dunne. Some Oklahoma City residents want the government to put the execution on closed-circuit television. Eight bombing survivors have asked attorney Karen Howick of Oklahoma City to go to court if necessary to get the closed-circuit telecast. She said that she knows of no execution in the United States that was shown over closed-circuit television, but no law forbids it.

February 1, 2001 - Dylan Klebold & Eric Harris - Autopsy reports done on a Columbine student released on a judge's order showed that two bullets entered his chest and abdomen, with one resting in his body and the other exiting through his back. Daniel Rohrbough's parents allege student gunmen Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris could not have shot their son from the front because witnesses saw Daniel running from the gunmen. "The only other people with guns that day were law-enforcement officers," said Jim Rouse, the parents' attorney. Jefferson County spokeswoman Jennifer Watson said the county would not comment. Rohrbough and Daniel's mother, Sue Petrone, are suing the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and others, claiming the deaths at Columbine could have been prevented.

January 30, 2001 - Byran Uyesugi - A judge ruled that a lawsuit filed by Randall Shin in November against Xerox Hawaii and Byran Uyesugi can continue. David Gierlach, one of Shin's attorneys, argued that Glenn Sexton, vice president and general manager of Xerox Hawaii, also Uyesugi's supervisor, knew since 1993 of the danger Uyesugi posed and failed to protect his coworkers.

Gierlach said Xerox also knew Uyesugi suffered from a psychological disorder and had acted out violently in the past and still kept him on the job. Crystal Rose, attorney for Xerox Hawaii, argued that the lawsuit should be dismissed because there are no allegations in the complaint that Sexton acted intentionally to place Shin in a "zone of imminent danger" or cause injury to Shin.Xerox attorneys said that the corporation and official, Glenn Sexton, are not responsible for the massacre. Xerox said that because Shin was an employee at the time of the fatal shooting, the matter should be handled through a worker's compensation claim.

January 29, 2001 - Possible Miami Serial Killer - Miami police found the second body in a month of women floating off Key Biscayne. Both victims have ben identified as drug-addicted prostitutes. The latest victim, Angela Rose Senez, 22, was in the water at least a week before she was discovered, said homicide Detective Mike Hernandez. Her body was so decomposed police couldn't determine her race. Her legs were tied to a rope that was tied to a large, black, plastic lawn bag. "The rope was wrapped loosely around her legs and the plastic bag was still attached to the rope. It appears she was in the bag at some point," Hernandez said. She was only wearing a pair of capri pants and a necklace with a teddy bear charm.

The first victim, Gina Roberto, was stabbed multiple times before she was dumped in the water. Her naked body was wrapped in a drop cloth and tied to an anchor not heavy enough to hold bottom. Hernandez said police have not connected the two killings, but they haven't ruled out a possible link . "There's a lot of work that has to be done scientifically and forensically to determine those possibilities," Hernandez said.

January 25, 2001 - Nathaniel Bar-Jonah - American police are searching in Canada for other possible child victims of cannibal killer Nathaniel Bar-Jonah. "We can put him crossing the border several times and we are working that angle," police Sergeant John Cameron, the lead investigator on the case, said from Great Falls, Montana. "Alberta and Saskatchewan are the two places I think we were able to place him in, somewhere in the mid-'90s."

January 25, 2001 - Gregory Clepper - A suspected serial killer in Chicago is expected to have most charges against him dropped. Authorities say Gregory Clepper who admitted to killing 40 women, will have charges dropped in at least a dozen cases. Sources familiar with the case say Clepper may now face prosecution on only one murder. Lab tests have excluded Clepper as a suspect in at least 12 murders while other scientific evidence points to different suspects in other cases. Clepper is one of four serial killers arrested over the last five years in Chicago's South Side.

January 25, 2001 - Robert Lee Yates Jr. - The life trail of confessed serial killer Robert Lee Yates Jr. is being re-assembled by a Spokane homicide task force to determine whether the willy killer is reponsible for the 15 murders he's been charged with. Once the time line is complete, the task force will host a national conference to share the information with other law enforcement agencies.

January 25, 2001 - Dr. Peter Lindsay - In the tradition of Dr. Harold Shipman, another British GP has been arrested for allegedly killing his patients. Dr Peter Lindsay, 47, was questioned by by West Yorkshire Police over the deaths of up to seven patients amid allegations of the misuse of diamorphine. Leeds Health Authority said it was treating the allegations "very seriously" and the Department of Health said it would not hesitate to act over "deeply disturbing allegations".

A statement issued by the Robin Lane medical center said the reason the GP had left was because of "serious professional concerns. Regrettably Dr. Lindsay did not respond positively to offers of support and help, which left the other partners no option from the point of view of patient welfare other than to adopt the course of expulsion," it said.

January 25, 2001 - Lucio Franco - A man in Lufkin, Texas, shot his wife and their four children to death in their mobile home before killing himself., Sheriff Kent Henson said the shootings may have been prompted by marital problems. Lucio Franco, 24, killed his wife, 21-year-old Maria Franco, and their children with a shotgun, then shot himself in the head. The children ranged in age from 10 months to 5 years.

Relatives told authorities that Lucio Franco was prone to violence. "They told me, 'If she's dead, he did it,'" said sheriff's investigator Tony Galloway. "I asked them if there was any possibility it could be someone other than the husband. They said, 'No, he'd been beating on her, and that this had been happening for a long time.'" Lufkin is 115 miles northeast of Houston.

January 22, 2001 - Craig Godineaux & John Taylor - One of the two New York Wendy's restaurant killers pleaded guilty to murdering three people and wounding two others during a May 24 robbery that left seven dead. According to prosecutors 30-year-old Craig Godineaux, who will be sentenced to five consecutive life sentences without parole, was spared from the death penalty because he is mentally retarded. As for the other suspect, John Taylor, 36, prosecutors plan to push for the death penalty in his trial which is scheduled to begin next month.

January 22, 2001 - Carlos Angel Diaz - A man in Reading, Pensylvannia, was convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend and three others by pushing her car into the path of a freight train. Carlos Angel Diaz, 23, used his vehicle to ram Candace Wertz's car after chasing her at speeds of up to 60 mph because he was upset she had broken up with him. Diaz was found guilty of four counts of third-degree murder in the deaths of Wertz, another woman and their two toddlers. The victims were Wertz, 20; her 2-year-old son John Michael Cortez; Cynthia Jacques, 22; and her daughter Allisa, 2.

Defense attorney Allan L. Sodomsky had claimed the April 20 crash in the Reading suburb of Sinking Spring was accidental. But a passenger in Diaz's car, Michael Ortega, testified that Diaz deliberately rammed Wertz's car onto the tracks. Ortega said Diaz pushed the gas pedal on his car as the 8,000-ton train approached. "He said 'Where you going to go ...? The train's coming. You can't do nothing now,'" Ortega testified. "He was really angry, his face was red, his veins were bulging.'"

January 16, 2001 - Byran Uyesugi - Xerox killer Byran Uyesugi represented himself in court in connection with a civil lawsuit against both him and the Xerox Corporation. They are being sued by George Moad who worked for Xerox at the time of the rampage and was the first person to walk in on the carnage. Attorneys for Xerox argued that the multinational conglomerate could not be held liable for an employee acting outside the scope of his employment.

January 12, 2001 - Nathaniel Bar-Jonah - Cannibal killer Nathaniel Bar-Jonah pleaded innocent to charges kidnapping, murder and cannibalism of 10-year-old Zachary Ramsay of Great Falls, Montana. District Court Judge Thomas McKittrick ordered that the hulking 43-year-old pedophile to remain jailed on a $500,000 bond and set a tentative trial date of June 4. Bar-Jonah is accused of abducting Zacharyon February 6, 1996. The portly pederast could face the death penalty if convicted.

January 12, 2001 - Philadelphia Crack House Massacre - Four men have been arrested for the execution-style murders of seven people in a Philadelphia crack house. The suspects, ranging in age from 18 to 23, knew the victims, Deputy Police Commissioner Sylvester Johnson said. Police believe the slayings were prompted by a dispute over drug territory, although investigators were exploring other possible motives, Johnson added.

Two of suspects were formally charged in the shootings and the others were being questioned. "We're positive we have the correct four," he said. Four masked men entered the house December 28, forced the 10 people inside to line up on the floor and sprayed them with bullets from at least three different automatic weapons, police said. Seven were killed and three others injured.

January 12, 2001 - Robert Paul Long - A fruit picker accused of starting a fire in a hostel that killed 15 young backpackers in Brisbane, Australia, pleaded innocent to arson and murder charges. But a magistrate said there was enough evidence for Robert Paul Long, 37, to stand trial after prosecutors wrapped up a preliminary presentation of their case with police claims that Long confessed to starting the fire to a member of a police Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) after he had been shot by police.

Long allegedly said: "I am dying anyway, I started that fire," an officer who was identified in court only as "SERT operative number two," testified. He said he wrote the statement on the bill because he did not have a police notebook at the time. Police say they shot Long because he stabbed an officer in the jaw as he tried to escape arrest.

January 12, 2001 - Timothy McVeigh - Convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh allowed a deadline for resuming his appeals expire, putting him one step closer to a date with the deadly needle. Barring a presidential pardon, the U.S. Bureau of Prisons will set a date - as early as May - for his injection.

January 11, 2001 - Robert L. Yates - Pierce County hopes to begin case against Spokane serial killer Robert L. Yates Jr. in June of this year. Prosecutors said they will seek the death penalty against Yates for the two murder cases against him in Tacoma. "I'll be honest with you, we didn't agonize over it," said Pierce County Prosecutor Gerald Horne "This is a compelling case to ask for the death penalty."

January 11, 2001 - Scott Harlan Thorpe - A man undergoing monthly mental health counseling for agoraphobia was arrested for killing three people and wounded two others. Scott Harlan Thorpe, 40, shot three people in the Smartville outpatient mental health killing two and wounding a third, said Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal. Then he drove to a Lyon's Restaurant in nearby Grass Valley, about 50 miles northeast of Sacramento, California, and fatally shot the manager and wounded a cook because he believed the restaurant was poisoning him. The victims were Pearlie Mae Feldman, a 68-year-old caregiver, and Laura Wilcox, 19, a temporary file clerk, died at the social services center. The restaurant manager was 24-year-old Mike Markle.

January 11, 2001 - Billy Hurley - A 75-year-old man in Jacksonville, Florida, shot his wife, daughter and son-in-law before turning the gun on himself. Billy Hurley, 75, and his 73-year-old wife, Billie T., were at their daughter's home when he shot his son-in-law, Clayton E. Crockett, 51, then chased his daughter and wife outside the home, police said. Once outside, police said Hurley killed his daughter, Veda J. Crockett, 53, then chased his wife to a nearby elementary school, where he shot her and himself. Some students were outside for an after school program when the attack occurred but none were injured.

January 10, 2001 - Allen Weitzel - A Salt Lake City psychiatrist convicted of killing five of his elderly patients with excessive doses of morphine was granted a new trial. Second District Judge Thomas L. Kay ruled that prosecutors should have disclosed pre-trial statements from a pain-management expert that could have aided the case of Dr. Robert Allen Weitzel. Kay ruled that prosecutors had a legal and ethical duty to disclose the testimony of Dr. Perry Fine to defense attorneys, and their failure to do so warranted a new trial.

January 10, 2001 - Daisuke Mori - A nurse at a clinic in Sendai, Kyodo, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder is being investigated over the deaths of five other people, all elderly, at Hokuryo Clinic in 1999 and 2000. Daisuke Mori, 29, was arrested on suspicion of trying to kill an 11-year-old girl, who was admitted to the hospital with apparent appendicitis on October 31. Mori admitted he gave the girl an unauthorized intravenous dose of the muscle relaxant vecuronium bromide, which caused the girl to lapse into unconsciousness.

Mori worked as a licensed practical nurse at the private hospital from February 1999 until last month. Police said he admitted administering the drug to other patients during that period. An overdose of vecuronium bromide can kill within two minutes of being injected, as it can affect the heart muscle. A worker at a nursing facility near the hospital in Sendai's Izumi Ward said the nursing home sent five people, aged 85 to 94, to the clinic for treatment during the 22-month period Mori worked there. All of them died within 10 days of being admitted, including one who died the day after being hospitalized.

In one case, an 88-year-old woman took a turn for the worse and died soon after receiving an intravenous drip administered by Mori on the day she was to be discharged from the clinic. A doctor at the clinic said the cause of death was stroke and that "it was not rare" for the health conditions of elderly people to suddenly worsen, family members said.

Police are investigating the connection between Mori and the deaths but will not yet say if he was directly involved, the sources said. He is also reportedly being questioned over the death of a kindergarten boy who died shortly after receiving an injection from Mori in September.

January 10, 2001 - Efren Saldivar - Police in Los Angeles arrested former respiratory therapist Efren Saldivar, 31, and charged him with the deaths of six hospital patients. In 1998 Saldivar confessed to police that he was an "Angel of Death", killing up to 40 terminally ill patients at the Glendale Adventist Medical Center. Police said Saldivar told them he was angry at seeing terminally ill patients kept alive and killed them by injecting muscle-paralyzing drugs into their intravenous lines.

January 9, 2001 - Albert Foulcher - A man wanted by police to serve a life sentence for murder fatally shot four people, including two prosecution witnesses at his trial and two police officers. Authorities launched a manhunt for him across southwest France using helicopters. Albert Foulcher, 49, sprayed gunfire at a police car when they responded to a call for help from a couple who testified against Foulcher at his trial, held in his absence last April, for the murder of an insurance agent near Toulouse in 1993. Foulcher showed up at the couple's home, then shot the husband, officials said. He drove away, later shooting another prosecution witness.

Foulcher was arrested in June 1993, six months after killing the insurance agent. He was released on bail in October 1996 by an appeals court. Several other prosecution witnesses, as well the two lawyers who represented Foulcher at the trial were placed under police protection.

January 9, 2001 - Five Dead in Houston - A Houston businessman who had apparently been feuding with a wholesaler killed the man and two members of his family at their business, then fatally shot himself. The suspect's estranged wife was later found slain inside a cooler at the convenience store they owned.

Witnesses told police that the gunman walked into Amko Trading, a clothing and perfume business, at about noon and said, "They murdered my family, and now I'm going to murder them." A SWAT team found the bodies of the wholesaler, his wife and their daughter, along with the mortally wounded gunman and two pistols, both of which appeared to have been fired. The suspect died later at a hospital of a gunshot wound to the head.

Police Capt. Richard Holland said the body of the suspect's wife was discovered about four hours after the shootings. Police said the Amko victims were Chung Chang, 58, wife Hyun Chang, 54, and Kathy Chang, 23. The suspect, whose name has not been released, and his four victims were Korean. Apparently Chang and the suspect had known each other for years. According to Chang's lawyer the suspect had been behaving strangely, accusing Chang of sleeping with his wife.

January 9, 2001 - Robert Lee Yates - The Spokane County Sheriff's Office, Spokane Police Department, Washington State Patrol and the Spokane County Prosecutor's Office, will share a $2 million federal grant over three years to help make up money spent on the investigation that led to the arrest and conviction of serial killer Robert Lee Yates Jr. The money, which comes from the Byrne Discretionary Grant Program, was attached to an appropriations bill by Republican U.S. Rep. George Nethercutt, said Tom McArthur, Nethercutt's spokesman. The bill was signed by President Clinton last month.

January 9, 2001 - Reginald & Jonathan Carr - Prosecutors said two brothers randomly attacked seven people last month in a Wichita crime spree of rapes, robberies and shootings that left five people dead. New charges filed in the attack on five friends at an east-side home accuse Reginald Carr, 23, and Jonathan Carr, 20, of raping two female victims and sodomizing one of them. Prosecutors also accuse the Carrs of forcing the two fwomen to perform sex acts on each other, and forcing the three male victims to perform sex acts with the women. Prosecutors also charged the Carrs with murder in the robbery and shooting of a symphony cellist and with the kidnapping and robbery of a man that started at an east-side convenience store.

According to the charges, the crime spree began about 11 p.m. December 7 at the Kum & Go convenience store at 21st and Woodlawn. The charges say the Carrs took 23-year-old Andrew Schreiber at gunpoint and made him withdraw money from several ATMs. At one point, they allegedly assaulted him with a handgun. The ordeal continued into the early morning of December 8, when the Carrs let Schreiber go. On the night of December 11 the Carrs allegedly shot a 55-year-old Wichita Symphony Orchestra cellist in a robbery outside her home near Central and Rock Road. The shooting left Ann Walenta paralyzed from the waist down. She later died of complications from her injuries.

On December 14 and early December 15 the Carrs broke into the home of three men and abducted them and the two female friends. All the victims were in their 20s. Authorities say that after sexually assaulting the group of friends the Carrs took the five to a soccer field near 29th Street North and Greenwich Road, where they made them kneel in the snow in front of a vehicle and shot thethe five of them execution-style in the head.

Four died. They were Jason Befort, 26, an Augusta High School science teacher and coach; Brad Heyka, 27, a director of finance with Koch Financial Services; Heather Muller, 25, a St. Thomas Aquinas preschool teacher; and Aaron Sander, 29, a former Koch employee who wanted to become a priest. The fifth friend, a 25-year-old woman, survived. To get help, she walked nearly a mile in subfreezing temperatures, naked and bleeding.

Police arrested the Carrs within about 12 hours of the quadruple killings. With the latest accusations, the charges against the Carrs now total 58 counts. One of them is cruelty to animals. The misdemeanor charge accuses the Carrs of killing a terrier.

January 6, 2001 - Fyerututdin & Alima Karayev - A husband and wife team who ran a travel agency offering $200 trips abroad and coveted visas to the West were accused of murdering clients and selling their organs. The couple -- a doctor and a university professor -- were arrested in one of the first confirmed cases of illegal organ trading in the former Soviet Union. A search of their apartment in Bukhara, about 280 miles west of the capital Tashkent, revealed parts of six bodies, more than 60 passports and about $40,000 in U.S. currency, authorities said.

Fyerututdin Karayev worked as a professor at the Bukhara Technological Institute and his wife, Alima, was a surgeon at a Bukhara area hospital, police said. The couple allegedly lured clients to their travel agency by offering trips to foreign countries for just $200 and promising help in obtaining Western visas. Instead of sending their clients on a trip, the couple is charged with murdering them and removing organs for sale. Police could not say how many people the couple is suspected of killing. The organs may have been sold to countries in Southeast Asia.

January 5, 2001 - Doctor Harold Shipman - Statistics experts in England analizing the medical records of doctor Harold Shipman believe the affable MD may have killed between 200 to 300 of his patients. In a report authored by Professor Liam Donaldson, Chief Medical Officer for England and Wales, investigators compared the pattern of deaths at both his former practice in Hyde, Greater Manchester, and his first practice in Todmorden, Yorkshire, with other similar practices showing that there were 345 extra deaths when Shipman's records were compared with normal practice at similar surgeries.

January 5, 2001 - Darryl D. Turner - A Washington D.C. man has been charged with three murders over a three-year period. Darryl D. Turner, 36, was charged with the 1995 murder of Toni Ann Burdine. Burdine, a known prostitute and drug user, was found in an open field in the Northeastern section of the city May 4, 1995. The 32-year-old had been raped and strangled to death.

January 2, 2001 - Nathaniel Bar-Jonah - Police said they found the names of four former Webster boys on a handwritten list seized from accused murderer and pedophile Nathaniel Bar-Jonah's Montana home. Police say that 27 of the 54 names on the list may be those of Massachusetts children whom Bar-Jonah knew when he grew up in the town of Webster (as David P. Brown) in the 1960s and 1970s. Included on the list are names of three boys whom Bar-Jonah was convicted of abducting in 1975 and 1977. Webster police Officer John Bolduc said he recognized several other names on the list despite misspellings.

January 2, 2001 - Devon Stuart Olson - A California parolee arrested in Texas has confessed to crimes in Texas, California and Arkansas, including the 1986 murders of a couple near Sacramento. Devon Stuart Olson, 42, provided details about the April 22, 1986, shootings of Koy Ien Saechao, 48, and Choy Fow Salee, 40, both of Yuba City, said Sacramento police spokesman Sam Somers. Saechao and Salee were found shot to death in the front seat of their car on the shoulder of state Highway 99 just north of Sacramento. The couple was shot through the driver's side window and 15 bullet casings were found near the car.

January 2, 2001 - Lustmord Class of 2000 - Celebrating the New Year, here at the Archives we have culled together a page on the killers whose arrests made news in the past year. Checkout the Lustmord Class of 2000 and rejoice that you never crossed paths with any of them.

January 2, 2000 - Cannibalism in North Korea - New reports of cannibalism in North Korea have surfaced in a TV documentary about the 200,000 orphans being raised by this Communist state. Carla Garapedian, producer of Children of the Secret State, a BBC-Channel 4 co-production, said that her interviews with refugees escaping North Korea revealed, "acts of unspeakable barbarism not seen since Pol Pot's Cambodia". In an article for the Japanese Daily Yomiuri newspaper she writes: "(The) footage is shocking. Starving children abandoned by the state. Orphans thrown into state asylums and left to die." According to the filmmaker farmers have been ordered by the government stop growing food and grow opium. "The opium would then be processed by the state into heroin and then sold abroad. The proceeds would go to arm the military."

January 1, 2001 - Possible South Florida Serial Killer - Police in South Florida investigating the slayings of two women believed killed by the same person are visiting every local man arrested for soliciting a prostitute in the past year. In addition to talking to men arrested for soliciting, police have visited registered sex offenders in the area, contacted the FBI and questioned former associates of the two women. "People think that just because it's a prostitute who was murdered, we don't take it seriously," said Broward Sheriff's Sergeant. Robert O'Neil. "But any murder of a human being is of a serious nature. We investigate it as seriously as the murder of a high-profile businessman."

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